UCI presidential candidate Brian Cookson optimistic ahead of vote

Florence, Sept 25, 2013: With 48 hours to go until delegates vote to decide the next President of the UCI, candidate Brian Cookson is optimistic that there will be a mandate for change at Friday’s election.

Speaking from Florence, Brian Cookson said:

“I’m feeling confident heading into the last 48 hours of the campaign and looking forward to meeting and talking with colleagues from around the world. I have been humbled by the well wishes I have received from the cycling community across the globe, including many ordinary cycling fans, who have told me how much they want to see change in the leadership of the UCI.

“On Friday we have the opportunity to begin to respond to those hopes and aspirations and embrace a new style of governance, a new way of working and enter an exciting new era for the UCI and our sport. We have to begin a process which will restore trust and credibility in all that we do.

“I do not say this just because it is the right thing to do. I say it because at the heart of my vision for the UCI is a passionate yet simple belief. It is this – by restoring the reputation of our International Federation our sport, cycling, will start to benefit from new investment, greater broadcast coverage, more cities wanting to host events and ultimately more riders and fans being drawn into cycling.

“Friday is a crossroads moment. When delegates cast their vote I ask that they think of those millions of people who love our sport, who want to encourage their children to be a part of it as cyclists and as fans. I want to make our sport one where people can admire their heroes without doubt, aspire to compete, be a professional, even win a Tour or an Olympic medal and know that their friends will respect and not question them.

“Ultimately, it is about a return to our core values and if we are prepared to take that step then we begin to tap into the amazing potential that we all know exists. That is what motivates me, what has driven me as President of British Cycling and why I believe I would be a UCI President that the cycling family can be proud of.” —- By Will Shand

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