UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson

Zurich, Sept 15, 2013: UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson today presented to the National Federations of the European Cycling Union (UEC) where he outlined his vision to rebuild trust in the UCI, grow cycling worldwide and pledged that even if he were to be the sole candidate, he would only accept the UCI Presidency if he receives a majority of delegate votes.

Addressing the Federations of the UEC at a special election meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, Brian Cookson said:

“For many outside this room our beautiful sport is associated with ugly things – doping, decisions made behind closed doors, manipulation of the rules and regular conflict. This has to stop. The reason I’m running for President is I know I can restore our credibility. I represent a completely clean break from the past.

“If we turn the page, break from the past and restore the UCI’s credibility – we will unlock the tremendous potential of this sport which we all love and have sacrificed so much for.

“I want the UCI to re-focus on its core mission of developing the sport. I also want to make sure that the UCI has a clearly understood role in developing the business of cycling. We must make sure we have no conflicts of interest, and that we do business transparently and with integrity. The UCI’s resources should be used where the commercial market needs a catalyst for it to get momentum, serving teams, athletes and event organisers.

“Please, let’s believe that the future can be very different – and so much better – than the past.”

Responding to claims from the other candidate in the Presidential race, Pat McQuaid, that he seeks a “coronation”, Mr Cookson added:

“Pat McQuaid has continuously asserted that I do not want to face a democratic vote in Florence.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. I have total respect for the Constitution and democratic processes of the UCI, which I have followed to the letter at every step.

“At every turn throughout my campaign, I have fought for a democratic and transparent process to ensure that the rules are applied and that it is the voting delegates who will decide who should become the next UCI President.

“So I want to make the following pledge to you. Even if I were to be the sole candidate standing in Florence, I will only accept the Presidency if I receive a majority of delegate votes.

“I say this to you today and I have said it in writing to all National Federations. I say it because I believe in democracy and the rules of the game.”

Brian Cookson concluded:

“I am offering you a different style of leadership – a period of calmer waters, of building consensus, of listening to you, our National Federations, and of creating the conditions in which, together, we can push our sport forwards.

“Our sport needs to ask itself this – can it love itself again? Be proud of itself again? Can it have a leader of which it can be proud?

“My answer is yes, it can.”

UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson receives massive boost from European Cycling Union

UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson today welcomed the decision by an overwhelming majority of the National Federations of the European Cycling Union [UEC] to support him in his bid to become the next President of the UCI.

UEC support was confirmed following presentations made this morning by Mr Cookson and his opponent, Pat McQuaid, to the UEC National Federations with Mr Cookson receiving 27 Federation votes to Mr McQuaid’s 10. The result means that all 14 European delegates who will vote in the UCI Presidential election in Florence on 27 September are now mandated to vote for Mr Cookson.

The UEC also voted resoundingly against amending Article 51.1 of the UCI constitution retrospectively which would have allowed any two federations to nominate a Presidential candidate.

After the decisions, Brian Cookson said:

“I am delighted to have received the overwhelming support of the UEC who have shown such a positive approach to the development of our sport.

“The discussions and debate we had this morning following my presentation were extremely encouraging. I would like to congratulate the UEC for their professionalism in organising today’s debate and for ensuring such a dignified environment for the presentations to take place. There was a real appetite for change to help restore the credibility of the UCI and I am confident of building on the support of the UEC and Federations from around the world as we head into the last days of the election.

“I am also very pleased that the UEC has voted so strongly against amending the rules of the election retrospectively.” —- By Will Shand

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