UCI to Act on Anti-doping Audit Recommendations

March 5, 2014: The UCI will strengthen its anti-doping programme following an audit performed by the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations [iNADO]. The audit, which was commissioned by the UCI following the election of new UCI President Brian Cookson, assessed the current UCI Anti-Doping Programme, its on-going suitability and effectiveness and makes recommendations for its improvement.

The iNADO audit was conducted by a team including Anne Cappelen [Director, Systems and Results Management, Anti-Doping Norway] and Marjorit Nurmi [Quality Manager, Finnish Anti-Doping Agency], and focused on the work of the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation [CADF] which operates anti-doping procedures in cycling on behalf of the UCI. It also covered the work of the UCI’s Legal Anti-Doping Service (LADS) which performs all its results management. The audit included a review of:

• Test distribution planning

• Training and accreditation of doping control personnel

• Doping control procedures

• Results management

• Data security, access to information and information flow controls

Brian Cookson, President of the UCI said:

“I would like to thank iNADO for conducting this important audit and for its recommendations to help enhance the effectiveness of the UCI Anti-Doping programme. I was pleased that the audit found that the Biological Passport programme is outstanding and that Results Management is excellent. The UCI will now make the necessary changes to policies, structures and procedures in order to further improve the programme and ensure compliance with the 2015 WADA code.”

Joseph de Pencier, CEO of iNADO added:

“The iNADO audit of the UCI Anti-Doping Programme identified important opportunities to improve anti-doping for international cycling. Our members look forward to the UCI and CADF putting in place the changes that are reflected in the audit’s recommendations.”

The iNADO audit is totally separate and autonomous from the Cycling Independent Reform Commission [CIRC] which is investigating allegations of wrongdoing at the UCI. —- Faw

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