Official Table Tennis Flooring Supplier

Lausanne, Nov 8, 2013: Tinsue will be the official sports-floor supplier for the table tennis event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games after agreeing terms with the International Table Tennis Federation’s marketing arm, TMS International.

This comes after the recent announcement in February that Tinsue will be the official sports-floor supplier to the table tennis event at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

It will be the second Olympic Games in a row that the world’s best table tennis players will play on Tinsue sports-floor, as they had also supplied the floor at London 2012.

“We are happy to have this opportunity to again cooperate with the ITTF,” said Tinsue CEO, Zhang Zhen.

“We first started our relationship in 2009 at the World Team Cup, and it is our great honour to continue helping the ITTF host successful events, such as London 2012,” added Zhang Zhen.

The agreement, which is made up of a substantial cash component and value-in-kind equipment, also includes the 2014-2016 World Tour Grand Finals, the 2015 World Team Cup and the Continental events in Latin America, Oceania, Africa and North America until 2016.

Following the agreement, ITTF President, Adham Sharara stated: “The ITTF is extremely pleased that it could renew its agreement with Tinsue as the official sports-floor supplier to the table tennis event at Rio 2016. The 2012 London Games were the debut for Tinsue and the sports-floor received a great reception from all players.”

“I am very pleased that Tinsue is also sponsoring our continental events. This proves that Tinsue is not only interested in selling product, but also very interested in the development of our sport,” concluded Sharara.

Anders Thunstrom, Managing Director of TMS International, shared the excited, adding: “We have been able to find a win-win situation with Tinsue and to extend the partnership until 2016, strengthening the relationship between us for ITTF World Title events.”

London 2012 was the first major table tennis event with a sky blue floor, and the ITTF will again work with Tinsue and the ROCOG to create a memorable floor colour for Rio 2016.

About International Table Tennis Federation

The International Table Tennis Federation is responsible for the global sport of table tennis and has 218 affiliated National Associations. Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport, introduced at the 1988 Seoul Olympics Games. Table Tennis is also a Paralympic Sport.

About Hebei Tinsue Floor Technology Co., Ltd

Since 2003 when we were founded, our company has emphasized on continuous innovation, redearch and development under the principle of “regarding quality as life and credibility as fundamental”. We have developed a system of diversified products which are applicable to badminton court, table tennis court, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, comprehensive sport field, gymnasium, shopping mall, store, office building and hospital, etc. —- ITTF

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