ITTF President and 2017 Presidential candidate Thomas Weikert unveils comprehensive 100 day plan

By Tom Lloyd, Düsseldorf, Germany, (THOMAS WEIKERT UNVEILS COMPREHENSIVE 100 DAY PLAN) May 30, 2017: International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President and 2017 Presidential candidate, Thomas Weikert, has today detailed a comprehensive action plan that he will implement in his first 100 days if he is elected tomorrow on 31st May during the organisation’s AGM.

Weikert’s 10-point 100 day action list details further how he will prioritise the development of an ITTF Strategic Plan that focuses on growing the sport, establishing best practices in governance and ethics and increasing competition prize money for athletes.

In his first 100 days continuing as ITTF President, Thomas Weikert will:

1. Develop a comprehensive ITTF Strategic Plan that maps out how to develop and grow the sport further around the world.

2. Re-evaluate ITTF’s finances to increase the prize money for athletes and improve development opportunities for all National Federations.

3. Complete the Commercial Strategic Continental Agreements – with the long-term goal to make the entire Table Tennis economy greater for all National Federations and Table Tennis stakeholders.

4. Finalise the new ITTF Ethics and Governance Code to ensure the organisation is fully transparent, applies governance best practice and acts with complete integrity.

5. Establish the ITTF Ethics Commission, which will act independently to the ITTF structures, the Executive Committee and the President’s Office. Weikert wants to have the Ethics Commission in place and operational for 1st July 2017.

6. Introduce further digital and communication innovations to the ITTF so that great Table Tennis content can be shared and reaches many more people.

7. Work closely with the ITTF development department to dramatically increase the number of more flexible National Federation projects relating to growth.

8. Establish the ITTF Constitution Working Group to review organisational structures and practices with the key recommendations to be adopted in 2018.

9. Review the tender process for future ITTF IT management projects – ensuring the organisation has best-in-class services for database and results management and a fit-for-purpose main events calendar.

10. Introduce a new dedicated digital portal that is effective for different Table Tennis stakeholders – so each group can source tailored content and information according to their individual needs.

In addition, Thomas Weikert today published a short campaign film in which he highlights his passion for Table Tennis and his commitment to delivering for the sport. The film can be viewed here:

Speaking about his 100 day plan, ITTF President Thomas Weikert said:

“I am delighted to unveil today my 100 day action plan and set out in detail my priorities for the ITTF. My vision for the ITTF and Table Tennis is based on key discussions with National and Continental Federations as my strategy is linked to the goals they want to achieve.

“The Federations are the rightful owners of the sport – it belongs to them so they know the opportunities and challenges best. That’s why I believe in working in full partnership with Federations with a consultative approach to leadership and ensuring regular dialogue.

“We are about to embark on an exciting new phase in ITTF’s journey and this is a cross-roads moment. We must seize this opportunity to reach the next generation of Table Tennis players and fans around the world.

“My 10-point action plan will help ensure that the ITTF works for the good of the global Table Tennis family and serves the National Federations even more effectively. This vision and my proposals will usher in a new, brighter era for all Federations, irrespective of size, geography or historical success in the sport.

In a personal message of thanks to the Federations, Weikert added:

“As ITTF President for the past three years, I wish to thank all National and Continental Federations for the hard work they have done to improve Table Tennis around the world – and all the great success they have achieved. I also wish to thank the Federations for the excellent support, help and guidance they have given me during my term in office – it has been invaluable.

“The global Table Tennis family is strong and with the continued backing from Federations and with stability in our sport, we can achieve a lot more together. The amazing support and wonderful personal messages I have received from Federations additionally gives me great confidence as we head into the election – I am truly grateful for each and every one.”

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