Scotland will stage the 2014 Commonwealth Games

As much as the Commonwealth Games is known as the friendly games, it’s very much at the high end or elite-level end of the sport spectrum. There are those who argue that Commonwealth Games isn’t as important as a World Championship. In the world that the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) occupies, all Games under the auspices of the Olympic Committee have significance and importance. If only for the simple fact that you have to creep before you walk.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games has a crucial role in this country’s quadrennial effort which culminates at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Next year T&T will participate at three events that fall under the exclusive authority of the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC)—the Youth Olympics, Commonwealth and Central America and Caribbean Games.

In the quest for ten Olympic gold medals by 2024, stakeholders must embrace the strategic reality that Olympic-type multi-sport events such as the ones that will be held next year are important sign posts. Between now and 2024 there can be no ambiguity. Results at Youth Olympics, Youth Commonwealth, CAC, Commonwealth and Pan Am games will be an indicator of likely success at the Olympic Games.

A fascinating aspect of the sport world is the contradictory but yet complimentary mindset that is needed when goal setting. Elite or high-performance sport and sport for all have different approaches, means and ends. In the absence of a long-term athlete development framework that acts as a guide, a national sport organisation can misdirect and focus on the wrong objectives.

Less money doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at a disadvantage. There is no shortage of energy, effort and passion.

On the elite end, the goal isn’t to compete it’s to dominate. To be a pacesetter. We don’t just want to be in the race we want to win the race. A passion for excellence and an obsession to be the best aren’t necessarily a negative. Why put a limit to your ambition and passion? Fear is not something we should run away from. Instead we should challenge traditional thinking. We need to be more goal oriented and pay more attention to the target than the problem and value the results.

When faced with trying to accomplish a big goal one of the most daunting questions is: “Where do I start?” It begins with the attitude that says impossible is nothing. We will make it happen. Success is not for the weak-minded or the weak-hearted. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Invariably our life decisions come down to a choice. Are we motivated by fear or faith?

Most people prefer to play it safe for fear of failure. In the world of sport, as it is in life, it’s our daily decisions and habits that ultimately provide the outcome.

For some on the twin Island Republic, world class is an unrealistic dream and fantasy. Whatever world-class successes we achieve in the world of sport is an aberration—a stroke of luck or that some fairy godfather made it happen.

I don’t share that belief. This country, long ago, proved that our sportsmen and women are world class in sport and deserved to be on the podium. Our challenge is to simply believe that we can do it again and again. It’s essential that we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. It’s about starting from where you are at using the resources you do have.

10 Olympic Gold medals by the year 2024 is a Realistic Goal for T&T

Honesty is as important as sport science, sport nutrition etc in the quest to achieve 10 gold medals by the 2024 Olympic Games. It takes courage to look in the mirror constantly. We can all come up with reasons not to change or work harder. But it takes honesty to ask the hard questions of your-self and to keep pushing for self-improvement. In the world of elite Olympic sports it comes down to who wants it most. There is no play acting.

The journey towards 10 Olympic Gold medals by the year 2024 begins today and every day till our mission is achieved.

The TTOC and its member National Sport Organisations must believe that working together we can provide our athletes and coaches with the environment that will inspire and motivate them to fulfill their potential.

The goal is not just to compete or to qualify but to medal and then not just to medal but to hear the anthem and see the flag raise. Team sports such as football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, netball and rugby7s all have important decisions to make in terms of their seriousness about qualifying for the Olympic , Pan Am, CAC and Commonwealth Games.

10 Gold medals by 2024 is not just a medal target it’s an attitude adjustment, a lifestyle and mind set change. It’s a belief and value system that we are world best not just world class.

Honesty will enable us all to not seek solace in the comfort zone but to pushing the limits of our talent and potential. What will it take and what do we have to do? Let’s not place limits on ourselves, our potential and our abilities. —- By: Brian Lewis, President of TTOC and TTCGA

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