Tenpin Bowling the Splendorous Sport

Editor’s note: Bowling is a popular sport for the beginner or expert. It can be a family night affair or a competitive week-long tournament. Scoring your bowling game takes some basic knowledge, but once you get the hang of it, bowling rules and scoring are as easy as learning how to roll the ball down the alley. In Pakistan this sport is not so popular. Thanks for PTBF who have sustained the sport so far, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to hold any longer without government support.

Abdul Rahim

By Farooq Brohi: brohifarooq@yahoo.com

A press conference was held do day (on 21st Oct., 2013) in Arena (Star Hall). A small number of reporters were there for the coverage, though number of invitations was sent to T.V. channels print media.

The event was commenced by Aleem Agha, Vice President of Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation (PTBF). He announced the 2nd Ranking Bowling Tournament to be held on 22nd Oct. & 23rd Oct., 2013. Khawaja Mustaqeem Ahmed, Managing Director of Tenpin Virtual Axis told the reporters that for the first time players are participating the tournament with zeal and zest. He seemed optimistic about the future of tenpin. Ajaz Khan, General Secretary of PTBF regretted the attitude of Pakistan Sport Board towards this sport and said that the Board had never played any role for the promotion of the sport or provided funds for championships either. The sport sustains life only on the federation or players’ individual efforts.

Shalwar-Qameez not allowed!
In the brochure of PTBF, under the heading of Tournament Rules & Regulations, they write: “Tournament T-shirt provided by the Management is mandatory. Shalwar Qameez and shorts not allowed.”
Does PTBF know that Shalwar-Qameez is the national dress of Pakistan? Can they explain the exigency to write this contemptuous sentence? With waist-coat this dress has its own glory and is allowed even in five-star hotels (they follow dress-code strictly).

The office bearers of the PTBF, during the conference elaborately explained about the PTBF’s sincere efforts. By the dint of their hard work, Pakistan’s name is recognized in 120 countries with reference to tenpin games. They are working day and night to promote this game, but on the other hand Pakistan Sport Board appears to be determined to destroy it in the same manner as it has done before with other sports. On this point, Ajaz Khan also mentioned about the black sheeps in PSB who remain all in all of the Board for long. He said that cases against corrupts elements in the Board have already been registered in NAB, FIA and other Courts. He, however, was hopeful about the promotion of this sport and said if the government patronizes, the federation can hold international championship in Pakistan engaging four to five countries. They requested Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif to issue orders for ousting corrupt and incompetent persons from Board.

Details of prizes are as follows:

Position                               Prize

(Single Event)

  1.  1st position               Rs.100000 + Trophy
  2. 2nd position               Rs.50000   +  Trophy
  3. 3rd position                Rs.25000   +  Trophy


  1. 1st position                Rs.50000  + Trophy
  2. 2nd position               Rs.25000  +  Trophy
  3. 3rd position                Rs.15000  +  Trophy

(Team Event)

  1. 1st position                Rs.50000  + Trophy
  2. 2nd position               Rs.25000  +  Trophy
  3. 3rd position                Rs.15000  +  Trophy

(Top three position holders in Pakistan Master Event were sponsored for international championship)

Tournament Information at a Glance

Tournament organizer  :                Virtual Axis Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd.

Tournament name          :                 Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation 1st Amateur Bowling Tournament

Centre                                  :                 Arena Bowling Centre

City                                       :                  Karachi

Starts on                             :                 Tuesday, 22nd October-2013  (2:30 p.m.)

Ends on                               :                 Wednesday, 23rd October-2013 (11:00 p.m.)

Number of Lanes            :                 08 (eight)

Make & Model                  :                 Brunswick GSX-2000

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