5th Challenge-Cup “Tenniquoits meets Ringo”, Beach event Ringtennis and Ringo in May

5th Challenge-Cup “Tenniquoits meets Ringo”, Beach event Ringtennis and Ringo in May 2012 at German Island Baltrum (North Sea). 1st Tenniquoits Beach-Cup Int. Open and 1st Ringo Beach-Cup Int. Open, will be held from 16th to 20th May 2012, at Central beach of Island Baltrum, North Sea (Germany).

Competitions and schedule

The following competitions are scheduled:

Beach Cup International Open at Tenniquoits (Ringtennis) and Beach Cup International Open at Ringo 5th Challenge Cup “Tenniquoits meets Ringo” Wednesday, 16th of May 2012.

Arrival day.

Thursday, 17th of May 2012

The Beach Cup Tenniquoits will be played at the following disciplines:

Men-Singles, Women-Singles, Mixed

Friday, 18th of May 2012

The Beach Cup Ringo will be played at the following disciplines:

Men-Doubles, Women-Doubles

Saturday, 19th of May 2012

The Challenge Cup is a Team competition, containing 2 matches of all disciplines (Men-Singles,

Women-Singles, Men-Doubles, Women-Doubles and Mixed) at Tenniquoits and Ringo. It will be

played the same format like we did in Minsk 2011.

Sunday, 20th of May 2012

Departure day.


Each delegation, which is participating at the Team competition Challenge Cup has to send at least 4 men players and 4 women players. Participating teams at the Challenge Cup are allowed to send a maximum of 6 men players and 6 women players.

Those delegations, which are not capable to send a full team (e.g. because they don’t have enough players of each gender) are invited to send not more than 8 players. Individual arrangements are possible and could be discussed with Secretary General WTF Reinhard Plog. The hosting federation Germany is authorized to announce two full teams for the Challenge Cup.

This assures that we will have an attractive competition with a lot of action at our main event Challenge Cup. Those delegations, which are incomplete are intended to built a Challenge Cup team with other incomplete delegations. This will give incomplete delegations the chance to share the special atmosphere of our special event Challenge Cup.

News from inside: Mario Mueller resigned as head coach of the German team. New head coach now is Thomas Bleile. Those who have been in Koblenz in 2010 know him already as organizer of the referee scheduling that time. For his new office as German head coach he selected Christian Herzog and Juergen Oettel as his assistant coaches. He is looking forward to prepare the German team for the upcoming Challenge Cup 2012 and the World Cup 2014.

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