APB Technical & Competition Rules

Bangkok, Thailand, 11 July 2012 – AIBA President, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu closed on Tuesday 10 July the 2012-2013 AIBA Executive Committee Meeting that was held over three days in Bangkok, Thailand.  The most significant topic on the agenda was the approval of the first ever AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) Technical & Competition Rules. Some amendments were also made to the AIBA and World Series of Boxing (WSB) Technical & Competition Rules.

“This 2012-2013 AIBA Executive Committee meeting was a crucial moment in the history of our sport and our organization. It will remain forever the occasion when the first ever APB Technical & Competition Rules were ratified. All decisions have been approved unanimously which shows the strong unity and the support that our Members are demonstrating for AIBA initiatives.

“Three days of meeting were necessary to cover our packed agenda. All Members were really interested in hearing about the latest development of AIBA including reports on the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games, the Continental Confederations, the AIBA Commissions as well as on the AIBA Boxing Academy that will open in September 2013 near Almaty, in Kazakhstan. We were also delighted to welcome a new member in our Family with the Kosovo Boxing Federation provisional membership being accepted. Now AIBA comprises 195 National Member Federations.

“We are now just over two weeks away from the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic Games, where we will witness the historical debut of women boxing. Then the WSB will enter its third season before APB pre-season kicks off in January 2013. Together we will bring boxing into a complete new era”.

Agenda of the 2012-2013 AIBA Executive Committee Meeting:

1. Opening speech and report by AIBA President

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of previous AIBA EC Meeting Minutes

4. Approval of AIBA EC Membership

5. Ratification of AIBA EC Bureau decisions

6. Report on the London 2012 Olympic Games preparations

7. Report on the WSB second season

8. Progress report on APB program and impact on AIBA

9. Presentation of BMA launch and business plan

10. Approval of AIBA and WSB finance audits for 2011-2012

11. Presentation of AIBA HQs business plan

12. Approval of AIBA, WSB and BMA budgets for 2012-2013

13. Bidding presentations for AIBA World Boxing Championships

14. Approval of Confederations Constitutions

15. Confederation reports and approval of Confederation competition calendars

16. Report on joint AIBA Commission Meetings

17. Approval of AIBA Technical & Competition Rules (new format and amendments)

18. Approval of first APB Technical & Competition Rules

19. Approval of WSB Technical & Competition Rules amendments

20. Approval of AIBA Bylaws amendments

21. Approval of AIBA Disciplinary Code amendments

22. Approval of AIBA Procedural Rules amendments

23. Report on AIBA Legal and Disciplinary cases

24. Presentation of AIBA Boxing Academy development

25. Membership issues

26. Additional businesses

27. Next EC meeting

28. Closing speech by AIBA President. —– AIBA

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