Final Olympic Team Qualifications

June 25, 2012: Here are the last teams who qualified. On the men’s side India, Japan and Chinese Taipei. On the women’s side the USA, Mexico and Japan! Here is their way to London! On Friday, the last individual qualifications will take place.

This Thursday afternoon was the very last chance to qualify a full team for the Olympic Games. There were three men’s and three women’s spots available!

Recurve Men Team – 1/8

The No. 15 Romania upset the No. 2 Russia by one point 219-218. Iran trailed Germany 107-111 at the half. Iran then led 163-162 and kept its 1-point advantage until the end, 217-216. The No. 1 seed Chinese Taipei trailed Finland 163-164. Chinese Taipei then scored 10-10-10-9-9-9 to turn the situation around 220-214. The No. 11 Canada defeated the No. 6 Netherlands 220-216.

Recurve Men Team – Quarterfinals

On the men’s side, Iran led Chinese Taipei 55-53, 109-107 and 162-160. However Chinese Taipei came back at the end, 215-212. India and Canada had a tight match: 54-57, 111-109, 166-163. Finally India scored 58 in the last end to win 224-216. Australia and Japan also joined the semi-finals. Again, three of the four semifinalists will qualify for the Olympic Games

Recurve Men Team – Semifinals

On the men’s side, what a match between India and Australia! The Aussies led 56-53, 110-108 but India tied it at 165-165! With two arrows to go, they were tied at 202-202! Then India shot a 10. Australia shot a 7. Then India shot a 9 to clinch the match and the Olympic qualification! Australia finished with a “miss” but that didn’t matter. India won 221-209. In the other semi, the match was tight until the third end between Chinese Taipei – Japan: 54-53, 107-105, 158-159. However Japan finished much stronger than Chinese Taipei to win 210-202.

Recurve Men Team – Bronze

Australia – Chinese Taipei on the men’s side and Georgia – Japan on the women’s side will battle now for the last Olympic spot!

On the men’s side, the No. 1 seed of this competition, Chinese Taipei, did not want to let their last chance go. They dominated their match against Australia 56-53, 112-110, 165-159, 216-213! Chinese Taipei is the last team to qualify for the Olympic Games!

Recurve Men Team – Gold

After two ends Japan led India by only one point 108-107. In the 3rd end Japan shot a 56 to India’s 55 brining their lead to 2 point. In the final end India shot a 56 but Japan bested them once again shooting a 57. The final score was 221-218.

Recurve Women Team – 1/8

Germany led 106-105 after twelve arrows, but Georgia outscored them 56-47 in the third end to take the lead 161-153. Georgia won 214-204. France trailed 46-53 after the first end against Canada. They came back at 98-98 and trailed against 149-150. Finally the French prevailed 204-195.

Recurve Women Team – Quarterfinals

On the women’s side, Georgia defeated France in a shoot-off! The match was tied at 210-210. In the shoot-off France scored 10-10-8, while Georgia had 10-10-9! USA had a good lead against Belarus and although the Belarusians came back strong in the last end, the USA prevailed 212-210. Mexico and Japan also joined the semifinals. Three out of these four teams will qualify for the Olympic Games!

Recurve Women Team – Semifinals

Lifted by their fans, the USA cheered themselves up to Olympic qualifications! The match was tight but the US team led all the way against Japan: 55-53, 109-107, 163-161, 218-212! In the other semi, Mexico was also cheered by numerous fans. They beat Georgia 56-51, 109-101, 159-153, 212-207.

Recurve Women Team – Bronze

On the women’s side Georgia led Japan 55-52, but then it seems they already gave it all. The Japanese came back at 104-104, then led 155-152 and clinch a team Olympic qualification 212-200!

Recurve Women Team – Gold

The women’s recurve gold medal match was a grudge match between USA and Mexico.USA lost to Mexico earlier in the day during the team round semifinals. USA began the match shooting strong 56-53. In the second end USA shot 9-8-7-9-6-9 to Mexico’s 10-9-9-9-7-9 giving Mexico a 2 point lead at 106-104. USA regained the lead in the third end shooting a 57 to Mexico’s 52 to bring the score to 161-158. In the final end Mexico opened with 10-7-10 USA shot 9-8-9 cutting USA’s lead to 2 points with three arrows left. USA then shot 6-10 and Mexico shot 10-10 giving Mexico a 2 point lead with one arrow to go. USA’s final arrow shot by Jennifer NICHOLS was a 10. Mexico’s final arrow was an 8 which tied the score at 213 points.

In the shoot off Mexico started with 9-10 and USA started with an 8-9. The final arrow for USA once again shot by NICHOLS was 10. Mexico’s final arrow was an 8 that meant the judges would measure to see which 10 was closer to centre. After measurement it was determined USA’s arrow was closest to centre.

Final Individual Qualifier

Tomorrow the final individual Olympic qualifier will take place. There will be seven spots for the men available and eight for the women. They will be contested by 80 men (from 35 countries) and 50 women (from 25 countries). —- WA

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