$2.5 Million Prize Fund for Table Tennis World Tour

ITTF Press Release Dec 08, 2011: The International Table Tennis Federation announces an impressive 2.5 Million US-Dollar prize fund for the all-new 2012 ITTF Table Tennis World Tour. The ITTF 2011 World Tour is set to replace the current Pro Tour and will provide an enhanced image as well as prize fund to the top tier events on the international table tennis circuit.

First time in history of the ITTF, one million dollars prize money will be at stake at the year-ending Grand Finals, where both men’s and women’s winners will take home a $104,000 cheque each – highest ever prize money in table tennis.

In addition the World Tour will be complemented with the recently announced satellite tour system that starts with the 2012 Euro-Africa Circuit, which will be organised with a total of six events in Europe (4) and Africa (2).

Judit Farago ITTF CEO, Executive Director – Competitions, said:

“These are exciting times for the ITTF with greatest ever prize money at the World Tour Grand Finals and increased quality of competition it clearly demonstrates our ambitions to take our sport to the next level.

“Our plans are also to complete our satellite tour with the Americas and the Asian-Pacific from 2013 onwards at the same time to further improve level of our premium events on the World Tour.

This will create opportunities for many players to compete further in the international circuit, whilst at the same time making the to World Tour a truly spectacular showcase for our sport.”

The 2012 ITTF World Tour is set for 16 destinations in 2012 making it one of the most comprehensive and ambitious competitions schedules of any international federation.

The 2012 Euro-Africa Circuit will also provide the top four men and women an invitation to compete at the 2012 World Tour Grand Finals. This will be based on an accumulated points system throughout the six Euro-Africa competitions.


17-21 Hungarian Open, Budapest

25-29 Slovenia Open, Velenje


7-11 Qatar Open, Doha

14-18 Kuwait Open, Kuwait City


18-22 Spanish Open, Almeria

25-29 Chile Open, Santiago


16-20 Korea Open, TBD

23-27 China Open, TBD


6-10 Japan Open, Kobe 13-17

Brazil Open, Rio de Janeiro


22-26 Harmony China Open, Suzhou

29 – Sept 2 Czech Open, Plzen


12-16 Russian Open, Ekaterinburg


31 Oct – 4 German Open, Bremen

7-11 Polish Open, Warsaw


6-9 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, TBD

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