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Lausanne, July 28, 2013: The 2013 ITTF Development and Education magazine, which was released during the recent World Table Tennis Championships, is now available online:

The 4th edition of the magazine, which is produced on a biennial basis covers the developments efforts made by the International Table Tennis to advance the promotion of table tennis throughout the world in the Olympic cycle 2009 to 2012.

“The ITTF Development Program is very rich in stories and images, for that reason instead of reporting in the traditional ways, we have opted to create a magazine” stated ITTF Development Director Leandro Olvech.

“This time besides the usual paper version, the ITTF has introduced an online version with the aim to reach the table tennis fans globally. We are happy to share the results of the Development and Education activities!”

Now branded as part of ITTF Dream Building, the past 14 years have seen the ITTF Development Programme go from strength to strength. In 1999 when the ITTF Development Programme was introduced, the membership of the International Table Tennis Federation was 180 national associations; now the number stands at 218 members, second among all International Sports Federations.

Approximately 28,000 coaches-players-umpires-referees-officials have attended over 1400 courses in the lifetime of the ITTF Development Programme, well over 200 experts have exuded their skills, and now in 2013 every continent possesses a dedicated Development Officer monitoring and conducting over 100 courses per year.

Equally, Education and Training is now a major component of the ITTF’s programmes funding scholarships for over 100 players with a budget of over 1 million dollars and the ITTF Junior Circuit continues to grow each year.

In 2002, 44 national associations participated in four tournaments. A decade later 97 national associations sent players to 30 tournaments or more and in 2013 the 100 national association participation mark is set to be broken.

The incredible growth, which sees table tennis in a current healthy state, has been made possible through high levels of co-operation and dedication from an increasingly hard working team within the ITTF Development Programme.

To find out more about the ITTF Development initiatives, download the read the ITTF Development and Education magazine by the links below:

• ITTF Development and Education: Edition 2009-2012

• ITTF Development and Education: Edition 2009-2010

• ITTF Development and Education: Edition 2005-2008

• ITTF Development and Education: Edition 1999-2006

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