Double Fish Extends Sponsorship Agreement

Lausanne, Dec 18: TMS International, marketing partner of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is happy to announce that Guangzhou Double Fish Sports Group Co., Ltd. has renewed their sponsorship agreement for the 2013 – 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals and signed a new agreement for the 2013 ITTF-North American Championships and Cup.

“TMS is very happy to have Double Fish on board for these events and we look forward serving Double Fish as an important partner for TMS and the ITTF”, remarked Anders Thunström, Managing Director of TMS International. “This is the forth time we extend the agreement for the World Tour Grand Finals, I take that as a vote of confidence from Double Fish. I am also very pleased that we could agree on an agreement for the ITTF North American Title events for 2013, hopefully we can extend that partnership beyond 2013 as well with Double Fish.”

Double Fish became the official equipment supplier and sponsor for the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in 2003 and has continued this relationship with ITTF and TMS since then. At the recent GAC Group 2012 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals held in Hangzhou, China, on 6-9 December, Double Fish’s newly-developed table “VOLANT KING” made its grand debut in front of all the on-site spectators and TV audience.

“We are very happy with our cooperation and will continue to renew our contract on this event for a period of 2013-2016”, said Mr Hou Yuanang, General Manager of Guangzhou Double Fish Sports Group Co., Ltd. “I do believe that Double Fish has gained a good market value through this prestigious international event.”

“We are even more pleased to see the effort of ITTF and TMS in promoting North American table tennis tournaments in 2013, and it is our great honor to serve as the official equipment supplier for the North American tournaments”, added Mr Hou, with regards to the 2013 ITTF-North American Championships and Cup. “We are looking forward to a greater success in our cooperation with ITTF and TMS in the future. May table tennis sport has an even brighter future and Double Fish is glad to make its own contributions to the development of the sport.”

Find out more about Guangzhou Double Fish Sports Group Co., Ltd. at —- ITTF/ Photo courtesy of Double Fish

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