Talent Hunt Ranking Tennis Championship

Karachi – Pakistan, August 26, 2012: Talent Hunt Ranking, Sindh Tennis Association is pleased to announce that it is introducing a new and far reaching league format in the Sindh Ranking Tournaments.

Salient features

• Categories

a. STA Satellite League (for under 13 boys& girls)

b. STA Future League ( for under 15 Boys & girls)

c. STA Challenge League ( for Juniors Under 17 Boys & girls).

• Three players in each category shall be picked on the basis of their current ranking (previous three tournaments).

• One wild card for each league from outside Karachi. Who is nominated by a district Tennis Association. In case more than one nomination, a match will be played to determine the eligible player.

• One Girl shall be taken in the main draw as per her ranking.

• A player will be entitled to play in one category only.

• Each player will play against each other in a three set match. All tie breakers.

• Each win will reward him /her with 5 ranking points.

• Out Station players, Ball boys & sons of Coaches will remain exempted from entry fee

• All out station players will get daily allowance as per rules.

Note: 1. District Associations are allowed to add more players in league matches subject to availability of sponsorship& time. Above mentioned format is the minimum requirement to qualify for ranking points.

2. District Associations can hold all three leagues or any one or two at their discretion.

22nd SSB – Talent Hunt Ranking Tennis Championship 2012

Sindh Tennis association will organize 22nd SSB Talent Hunt Ranking Tennis Championship from 1st September at navy Physical training & sports centre Karsaz Karachi.

Events are, Men s singles, ladies Singles, Juniors Under 17 singles, Boys & girls Under 15 Singles, Boys & girls under 13 Singles, Boys 7 girls under 11 Singles, Boys& girls under 9 Singles, STA satellite League (under 13), STA – future League (under 15), and STA Challenge League (under 17). Out station players will get Rs. 300 per day as daily allowance. Last date of entry is 31st August, Fahim Ramzan is the organizing secretary.

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