World Champions Say No To Doping

London – GBR, Oct 08, 2012: Nick Matthew and Nicol David, the two world champions in squash, are both backing the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) campaign Say No To Doping.

Matthew and David, the Malaysian who won a record sixth women’s world title last year, are spearheading the World Squash Federation support of the campaign

“We professionals are educated about the dangers of taking or ingesting anything that we are not certain about in respect to anti-doping,” said Matthew, the Englishman who successfully defended his world title last year in Rotterdam. “But we need to play our part to ensure that the sport as a whole is alive to the need to stay clean.

“If one person lets us down, the whole sport suffers.”

N Ramachandran, who last month was unanimously re-elected to serve a further term as President of the WSF, added: “We are proud of our anti-doping record, but vigilance is so important to keep it that way. It is for this reason that we, with the support of the players, keep the message percolating down.

“The WADA ‘Say No To Doping’ campaign is one we have enthusiastically latched onto to assist the process.” —- WSF

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