Sports Ministers CPLP endorse Sorbonne

By Will Shand, Luanda, Angola, July 29, 2014: The Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles for Protecting the Integrity of Sports Competitions have this week received further government-level backing, this time from leading Sport Ministers from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) at the VII Official Conference of Ministers of Sport and Youth of the CPLP.

During the historic and unprecedented meeting, which saw Ministers approve a ground-breaking Resolution on Integrity, Good Governance and Financial Transparency in Sport, the Sorbonne – ICSS Guiding Principles were endorsed by Sports Ministers from nine countries in the CPLP, including Brazil, Portugal and Angola, as well as being highlighted once again as a key development in the fight to protect the integrity of sport.

International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and CPLP to develop Common Agenda on Good Governance, Sport Integrity, Financial Transparency and Protection of Young Athletes
ICSS to work with CPLP Executive Secretariat to create Working Group on Sport Integrity
CPLP backing follows support for Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles from Commonwealth Sports Ministers last week.

In a significant step forward for the safeguarding of sport and marking a new era in terms of good governance, sport integrity, financial transparency and the protection of minors in CPLP member countries, the Resolution passed by Ministers will see the ICSS work alongside the CPLP Executive Secretariat to a create a special Working Group on Sport Integrity. As part of this far-reaching Resolution, the CPLP Working Group on Sport Integrity will work together to implement the Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles as a framework to protect CPLP countries from match-fixing, illegal betting and corruption.

Sport Ministers from the CPLP also agreed to reinforce cooperation in the areas of sporting integrity, good governance, financial transparency, and the protection of minors in sport, as well as agreeing to organise a high-level Sports Forum that will aim to enhance dialogue, consultation and cooperation between CPLP member governments and sports organisations.

In addition to the Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles, CPLP Sports Ministers also acknowledged other recent developments in the prevention and fight against match-fixing, including the pioneering initiatives by UNESCO and the Council of Europe EPAS.

Speaking on the support received from the CPLP after having participating at the VII Official Conference of Ministers of Sport and Youth of the CPLP, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, Chief Executive of ICSS Europe and Latin America said:

“I would like to thank the CPLP Sports Ministers for supporting the ICSS’s vision and would like to congratulate them for deciding to implement the Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles.”

“Following the signing of a pioneering large-scale agreement with the Portuguese Government, the ICSS is now at the heart of the CPLP and has the real ability to assist its Member States to drive policy in the field of sport and pursue a Common Agenda in terms good governance, prevention measures against match manipulations, financial transparency and the protection of young athletes.

“With the support received from the CPLP and the Commonwealth Sports Ministers, it is my hope that this marks the start of establishing a trans-national framework that not only protects sport but goes head to head with international criminals and addresses the very real threat of match-fixing, illegal betting, obscure financial dealings and corruption in sport.”

About the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries)
The CPLP was established in 1996.
It is currently comprised of 9 Member States (Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, East-Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Equatorial, Mozambique, Portugal, St. Tomé e Princípe) covering 4 continents (Europe, Africa, America and Asia) and 4 Associate Observer countries (Japan, Turkey, Georgia and Namibia).

Portuguese is the sixth language most spoken in the world.
At the Ministerial meeting held in Angola’s capital city Luanda last Friday, Mozambique succeeded Cabo Verde in the Presidency of the CPLP, who’s IX Games had their official opening ceremony last Saturday.

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