SportAccord Academy opens with first Massive Online Open Course MOOC

Lausanne, Mar 11, 2015: SportAccord proudly presents the first-ever massive online open course (MOOC), developed specific to the needs of the international sports federations and organisations, and available free-of-charge to any aspiring sports professional across the world. Entitled ‘Certified Sports Professional’, the course is now open to anyone seeking to gain extensive knowledge about the functioning of international sports organisations on topics ranging from events to marketing and beyond.

Developed as part of the SportAccord Academy, the Certified Sports Professional MOOC will be a 6-week long course for registrants and is composed of specially designed modules, lectures and presentations that present a well-rounded view of the functioning of the sports universe, ranging from events to venue management to marketing. Registrations for the course are now open and will close on the 20th of April 2015. This course is available free of charge to anyone who will register on the SportAccord Academy website The content of the course has been developed by sports business academic, Dave Arthur, and Dr. Tibor Kozsla has been appointed as the director of education for SportAccord Academy.

Explaining the concept of SportAccord Academy, SportAccord president, Marius L. Vizer said, “The field of sports education is still evolving and the audience it caters to is very niche. There remain millions of aspiring sports managers across the world who are not able to access such education because of lack of resources, time or finances. SportAccord Academy will provide curated sports education, ranging from management to physical education to all, free of charge and at the click of a button. There cannot be a more inclusive manner to expand the global sports family.”

The director of the SportAccord Academy, Dr. Kozsla said, “The online platform offers flexibility on the conditioning of the course and its evolution. Content of the course will be regularly updated in sync with the demands of the international sports federations and organisations. SportAccord will provide unique insight into the needs of its member federations and this will enable the ‘Certified Sports Professional’ MOOC to be inclusive.”

The agreement for the MOOC has been signed with SDH Ltd., who has developed the online platform for the commencement of the SportAccord Academy. Expressing his happiness at signing the agreement with SportAccord, Levente Nagy-Pál, CEO of SDH Ltd. said, “The internet remains an ever-growing vehicle of people’s aspirations and one that is being increasingly turned to for education. The platform for SportAccord Academy will provide the option to all users to take the available courses at their own pace and in their own time.”

Apart from the MOOC, SportAccord Academy will also provide the following additional courses to users-

1. Sport Specific Courses: These courses are offered for SportAccord members. The courses have three levels, whereby level 1 is focused on teaching, level 2 deals with training elements and level 3 is focused on preparations of athletes for international competitions.
2. Online Seminars: These programs offer the possibility to discuss and evaluate specific issues among focused target groups. This program will be ideal for training of small numbers of specialists, such as referees, physiotherapists, volunteers etc.

All courses will be available in leading global languages for the benefit of diverse users around the world.

For additional information on SportAccord Academy and the Certified Sports Professional MOOC, please contact Tibor Kozsla at —- SportAccord

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