Sport Integrity Hotline receives more than 50 allegations of misconduct in first six months

By Nadeesha Rathnayake, Doha, Qatar, June 21, 2018: The Sport Integrity Hotline, launched in from December 2017 to address the growing issues confronting the sport industry, has already received over 50 allegations of wrongdoing in sport, originating from 10 different regions and over 20 countries around the world (Sport Integrity Hotline receives).

The hotline was established by the ICSS’ Sport Integrity Unit to help athletes, fans and those involved in the sports industry to report misconduct and sport integrity issues, in line with its mission to safeguard sport.

The platform is managed by specialist ethics and case-management agency, WhistleBlower Security, who operate the hotline around the clock, fielding confidential reports via phone, email and online. Only the Sport Integrity Unit has access to the incoming reports and the management of cases.

Reports to date have included allegations of match fixing, doping, sexual exploitation, corrupt club ownership practices, human trafficking and other accusations of criminal activity in a wide variety of sports.

The SIU, under its remit to investigate allegations of misconduct and integrity violations across several areas adversely affecting sport, has carried out a provisional analysis of all claims and any supporting evidence provided.

A risk matrix has been applied and cases will be referred to law enforcement agencies, international sports organisations and national bodies as appropriate, while others are under active investigation by the SIU.

As a next step, the Sport Integrity Unit will hold intelligence sharing meetings with international and national sporting partners as well as law enforcement agencies to commence investigational exchanges.

While specific details of all active investigations are confidential, the ICSS is pleased that so many members of the international sporting community have felt empowered to report allegations of misconduct and integrity issues in sport through the hotline.

This strong uptake of the service over the first six months shows faith in the ICSS’s ability to effectively and confidentially manage sensitive and complex investigations and reflects the growing demand for independent investigations and intelligence services within the sports industry.

Dale Sheehan, ICSS Director Capacity Building and Education and Director of the SIU, said: “The ICSS has always believed there was a global need for an independent, anonymous platform where athletes, fans, coaches and anyone concerned about issues affecting integrity in sport could report allegations of wrongdoing in a neutral, non-threatening environment (Sport Integrity Hotline receives).

“The early response has been extremely positive. While the ICSS believes one report of wrong doing is one too many, the fact there have been over 50 demonstrates the need for independent oversight for all issues affecting sport and indicates a strong desire from the sporting community for clean, ethically-run sport.”

Shannon Walker, President of WhistleBlower Security Inc. added:

“We are so pleased to partner and support the ICSS in this very important initiative to protect athletes as well as the integrity of sports in general. The Sport Integrity Hotline provides a safe and confidential solution so individuals no matter where they are in the world can reach out and report when they feel they have nowhere else to turn (Sport Integrity Hotline receives).

“WhistleBlower Security partners with many organisations internationally, offering a platform that provides accessibility, transparency and accountability to our clients and their constituents globally.

Already we can see the impact that the Sport Integrity Hotline is having – there is a clear need for the service provided by the ICSS and the expertise and professionalism they bring in their mission to safeguard sport.”

The ICSS Sport Integrity Hotline can be accessed HERE. Reporting can be done anonymously but whistleblowers do have the option of providing their contact details for follow up. Eight per cent of reporters in the first six months have chosen to be visible, demonstrating a strong stance and commitment to enhance sport integrity. —- ICSS

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