“Smash Polio Out” Open Table Tennis Tournament 2012

Karachi-Pakistan: Polio Plus Committee is Organizing a “Smash Polio Out” Open Table Tennis Tournament 2012 in collaboration with KTTA from March 13 to 16, 2012 at Islamia Club Majeed Khan Gymnasium, Karachi. Dr Farhan Essa has been nominated as the Chairman of the event with Arif Khan as the tournament secretary.

The main theme behind organizing this event is to create awareness about Polio. Dr. Farhan Essa said that most of us may not know that Polio has already been eradicated from almost all countries of the world except Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan and therefore it is time that we should work hard to totally eradicate this dreadful disease from our country.

The tournament is open to all the players of Pakistan belonging to any department or province. The events to be played in this tournament will be Men’s Singles, Women Singles, Boys Singles and Girls Singles under 18.

Players who are interested in participating in this event may kindly get their names registered with Kanty Lal at Islamia Club office from 4pm to 10pm. Last date of receiving entries is 12th March 2012; draws will be taken out on the same day. We are hoping that the tournament will feature top seeded players competing for the honors’.

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