Meet a Legend Fred-Børre Lundberg

Fred-Børre Lundberg, the Nordic Combined legend from Bardu (NOR) dominated the sport in the 1990’s. The partner of Cross-Country queen Marit Bjoergen won six medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, including three golds (1991, 1995, 1997) and three silvers (1993, 1995, 1999). At the Olympic Winter Games, he claimed two gold medals (1994, 1998) and two silvers (1992, 1994). Next to these outstanding achievements, he also clinched nine individual FIS World Cup victories during his sporting career.

FIS Newsflash took the opportunity to interview him:

How does your life look like after retiring in 2000?

Privately, I am living in Oslo with Marit Bjørgen, and I have a son, Fredrik, who is 11 years-old. We just bought a house close to Holmenkollen and it makes it very easy to get out in the tracks for some training. I really have no excuse now! (laughs)

Professionally, I have my own company where I do different kinds of work, from selling workouts to employees in companies, to being an expert for Norwegian television NRK in the winter, following Nordic Combined.

As a commentator for NRK, you have been on site for many of the competitions. What does it mean to you to be able to be still involved in Nordic Combined?

I think it is fun to see the sport from the other side of the table now. There are a lot of people in Norway following the competitions on TV, and it is nice to see the sport that has been part of my life for so many years increasing in popularity. We just need to get the athletes from Norway to win on a regular basis again… (laughs)

How much time do you still spend on skis?

I don’t spend any time on the jumping hill…I drive past Holmenkollen almost every day. That’s the closest I get! I spend about 20 hours every month skiing, running or cycling. That’s enough to stay in good shape.

Who is your favourite athlete outside of your discipline with whom you would like to go for a drink and why?

My favourite athlete outside of my discipline is Tiger Woods. It has been really impressive to follow his career in golf. Instead of a drink, I would have liked to play a round of golf with him just to see and learn from the best athlete in the game.

Which athlete of your times would you like to see compete in the Sochi Olympics and why?

I would have loved to see my former teammate Knut Tore Apeland in Sochi this winter, just to see if he still could still fit into his old jumping suit. (laughs).

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