Sindh Archery Association Elected office bearers

Karachi – Pakistan, Dec, 23: The General Body meeting of the Sindh Archery Association SAA, held under the supervision of Amjad Imran Khalil, Secretary Pakistan Archery Federation, at local club in Karachi on December, 22, 2012, elected the new office bearers of the Sindh Archery Association SAA, for the next four years terms 2012-2016.

Syed Osama Ali, President, Arshad Ahmed Qazi Senior Vice President, Muneer Abdul Razaq Secretary, Ahsan Mohsin Treasurer, of Sindh Archery Association. All the Divisions of Sindh were taken part in the said meeting.

Following are the elected body of Sindh Archery Association.

Mr. Syed Osama Ali President

Mr. Arshad Ahmed Qazi Sr. Vice President

Mr. Khalid Siraj Soomro Vice President

Ms. Summiya Murtaza (W) Vice President

Mr. Javed Malik Vice President

Mr. Hilal Ahmed Qureshi Vice President

Mr. Salman Panwar Vice President

Mr. Mohammad Raees Arain Vice President

Mr. Muneer Abdul Razaq Secretary

Ms. Riffat Raza  (W) Joint Secretary

Ms. Saba Asif (W) Joint Secretary

Mr. Usman Shiekh Joint Secretary

Mr. Ahsan Mohsin Treasurer

Mr. Nasir Ahmed Legal Adviser

Members Executive Council

Mrs. Romana Qazi Member (W)

Ms. Hafsa Syed Member (W)

Mr. Ahsan Mirza

Mr. Azfar Hussain Nizami Member

Mr. Sohail Ahmed Member

Mr. Abdul Rahim Member

Mr. Nadeem Mohammad Khan Member

Dr. Aslam Member

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Member

Mr. Rao Tanveer Member

Mr. Ghulam Fareed Uddin Member

Mr. Sabir Gaddi Member

Dr. Muazzama  (W) Member

Mr. Mohammad Rizwan Member

Mr. Ali Nawaz Member

Mr. Jameel Member

Mr. Ismail Member

Mr. Azmat Ansari Member

Mr. Muhammad Ali Member

Following items were discussed and some decisions were taken in the Election Meeting:

1. Discussion for the promotion of Sindh Archery Activities

2. Suggestion of Formation of Sindh Women Archery Association- House agreed

3. Suggestion of Formation of Sindh Archery Referees & Judges Association- House agreed

4. Suggestions of Training Camp for Teams Men/Women for Sindh Championship-House agreed

5. Suggestion of Sindh Archery championships 2013- House agreed

6. Suggestion of Coaches Referees & Judges Basic Training Courses 2013- House agreed

7. Consideration for opening Bank Account of Sindh Archery Association- House agreed

For more information and any query please feel free to call on below:

Mr. Syed Osama Ali-President: 0345-2001211

Mr. Muneer Abdul Razzaq: 0313-2840084

Mr. Ahsan Mohsin: 0333-3811933

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