Sanctioned for document falsification

Lausanne, Oct 19, 2012: Sanctioned, The Gymnastics Federation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (PRK) and its gymnast, Ms Hong Su Jong, were reinstated by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) on October 5, 2012 at midnight after having served a two-year sanction.

The FIG Disciplinary Commission had pronounced a suspension based on disciplinary proceedings lodged for violation of the age limit and false information provided on competition registration forms.

Whilst this suspension of two years which included the qualifications for and the London 2012 Olympic Games seems to be hard, it should not be forgotten, that this was already the second time that PRK violated the age rules.

Today, with the ban on participation by its gymnastic unions, national federations or clubs in any FIG-organised or -authorized competition or activity lifted, the Gymnastics Federation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and its gymnast are restored to their full rights.

Women and Gymnastics at the forefront, Trophies shower down on the American continent!

Within less than 24 hours, the sports communities in the United States and Canada have officially acknowledged in prestigious ceremonies three illustrious women who all played a paramount role in international gymnastics.

In New-York, the Foundation for Women and Sport awarded on October 17 its Women of the Year Prize to Gabrielle Douglas for her Olympic title in Artistic Gymnastics at the All-Around individual competition won last August at the London OG.

This was followed on October 18 by Canada’s Sports Awards ceremony where London Olympic champion in individual Trampolining Rosie MacLennan was chosen for the 2012 female trophy. Following this, the Canadian organisation crowned Mrs. Slava Corn, a member of the Canadian Gymnastics Board and the Vice-President of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), for her voluntary involvement in favour of the development and promotion of sports in Canada and worldwide.

This list of prize-winners inspired FIG President, Mr. Bruno Grandi, who recalled that “women, who are massively represented in FIG sports disciplines, do play a decisive role in the promotion and popularity of our sport as figures show. Indeed, 56% of the authorities’ members and top gymnasts worldwide are women !». He carried on: « I am pleased with these nominations which play fair tribute to the work done and responsibilities assumed by women within the FIG”.

—- FIG

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