Reo WILDE made in history in World Cup

World Archery News, June 25, 2012: Reo WILDE (USA) made in history in Ogden. He not only won the three stages of the Archery World Cup 2012. He is on a 4-win streak counting the last leg in Shanghai in 2011. He is also the first archers to have won in the four cities that hosted the most World Cups (Ogden, Shanghai, Antalya and Porec).

The compound finals took place today: team, mixed teams and individuals.

Compound Men – 1st Place Match

Reo WILDE (USA/4) v Peter Elzinga (NED/10)

WILDE is currently 1st in the world rankings and he is the reigning indoor world champion. WILDE tied his world record for the elimination round twice this week. He has won the first two World Cup events this year and will be looking to make it a clean sweep in Ogden. ELZINGA and WILDE met at the first World Cup this year in the quarterfinals where WILDE won 149-144.  WILDE shot a 10-10-9 to begin the match dashing his hopes of once again tying to tie his world record. A feat he accomplished twice in the earlier elimination rounds. ELZINGA matched WILDEs 29 for a tie score. WILDE shot a left 9 to open the second end. He followed it with an X10-10. ELZINGA shot a 10-9-10 to tie the match at 58 points.

In the third end WILDE shot two left 9s and a 10. ELZINGA shot a 10-9-10 to gain a one point lead at 87-86. WILDE made a strong come back in the fourth end shooting X10-X10-X10. ElLZINGA shot 9-9-10 giving WILDE a one point advantage with three arrows remaining. In the last end ELZINGA shot X10-X10-9 for 144 total points. WILDE shot X10-9 for his final arrow he needed a 10 to win. He shot an X10 to win the gold medal. That is thee World Cup wins this season, four in a row for WILDE and he is the first archer to win the four major tournaments (Ogden, Shanghai, Antalya and Porec).

Compound Men – 3rd Place Match

Christopher Perkins (CAN/1) v Pierre Julien DELOCHE (FRA/3)

PERKINS is the reigning world champion and currently ranked No. 12 in the world. His opponent DELOCHE is currently ranked No. 6 in the world and finished 4th at the first World Cup stage this year. These two archers have never met face to face before so there is no clear favourite, which should provide for an exciting match. In the opening end PERKINS shot a 9-X10-10 and DELOCHE shot a X10-10-9. A tie score of 29 points after 3 arrows. PERKINS shot at 10-X10-8 in the second end giving DELOCHE an opportunity to take the lead. DELOCHE took the opportunity shooting a 10-10-X10 for 59 points and a two point lead.

In the third end PERKINS had some bow arm movement that caused an opening 7. He followed it up with a 9-10. DELOCHE shot a 9-10-10 to bring the score to 88-83. PERKINS and DELOCHE tied in the fourth end with 29s bringing the score to 117-112. DELOCHE enjoyed a 5 point lead with three arrows remaining. PERKINS finished with a 9-10-9 for 140 points. DELOCHE shot X10-9 and needed a 6 or better to win the match. He shot an X10 to win the bronze medal 146-140.

Compound Women – 1st Place Match

Christie Colin (USA/8) v Jamie VAN NATTA (USA/6)

VAN NATTA is currently 4th in the world ranking. She has been a member of the U.S. national team since 1996 and won several individual and team world championships medals in her career. Her opponent and teammate is currently ranked 8th in the world. The only time these two teammates have faced each other in international competition was at the Arizona Cup earlier this year. Colin won the match in a shoot-off. VAN NATTA opened the match with a 9-10-9. COLIN shot a 10-9-19 for a one point lead. In the second end VAN NATTA shot a 10-9-9 for 56 points. COLIN started with an 8 but finished with a 10-9 to tie the score at 56 points.

In the third end VAN NATTA shot a 9-8-9. COLIN shot 9-10 but on third arrow had a slight bobble shooting a 7 tying the score at 72 points. VAN NATTA shot a 9-10-10 in the 4th end. COLIN shot a 10-10-X for a one point lead with three arrows remaining. VAN NATTA shot X10-9-10 in the last end. COLIN shot 10-9 and needed a 10 to win. She shot a 9 forcing a shoot-off. VAN NATTAs shoot-off arrow was an 8. Her timing was a little long and could have caused the low arrow. COLIN shot a 9 to win the gold medal.

Compound Women – 3rd Place Match

Kristina BERGER (GER/5) v Laura LONGO (ITA/7) – 3rd Place Match

LONGO is currently 5th in the world rankings and she finished 2nd in the team competition in Antalya earlier this year. BERGER is ranked 11th in the world and finished 2nd individually at Antalya earlier this year. BERGER also finished 3rd in the mixed team competition here in Ogden. These archers met head to head at Antalya where BERGER won 143-142. The archers tied again in the second end shooting 29s bringing the total score to 58 points all. LONGO started the third end with a 6. She could not recover shooting two 9s. BERGER shot a perfect 30 for a 6 point lead. LONGO shot well in the fourth end shooting 9-10-10. BERGER however continued to shoot even better shooting another 30. Bringing the score to 118-111.

LONGO was down by 7 points with three arrows remaining in the match. In the final end she shot 10-9-10 for a 140. BERGER matched her shooting a 10-9-10 for a 147 and a bronze medal.

Compound Men Team – 1st Place Match

United States of America (USA/1) v Canada (CAN/3)

USA and Canada have met three times in gold medal matches at the world cup and USA has won all three matches. The most recent was last year at Ogden where USA won 234-229. USA seems to have a clear advantage however Canada did upset No. 2 seed El Salvador in a shoot-off during the semifinals.

USA opened the match shooting 10-X10-9. Canada tied the match shooting 9-10-10. USA then shot X10-9-X10 for 58 points. Canadas last three arrows were 8-9-X10 to give the USA a 2 point lead.

Canada began the second end with an X10 but had a slight gaffe shooting a 7 for their second arrow. Their 3rd arrow was a 9 but the door was wide open for the Americans. USA shot a 10-10-9 advancing their lead to 5 points. Canada continued to struggle shooting a 9-8-X10 to bring their score to 109. USA finished with a 10-10-10 for a 117 and an 8 point lead.

The wind continued to blow, knocking over one of the clocks on the field. Canada shot a 10-9-10 to begin the second half of the match. USA responded with a 29 of their own. Canada shot a 9-9-X to finish the 3rd end with a 166. USA also shot a 9-9-X to bring their score to 172.

Canada started the last end with a perfect 10-10-X10. USA shot an X10-9-10 bringing their lead to 7 points with 3 arrows remaining. Canada finished the match shooting a 9-9-10 for 224 total points. USA shot X10-X10 which meant they only needed a hit to win the match. GELLENTHIEN finished the match shooting a 10 and securing a victory for USA 233-224.

Compound Men Team – 3rd Place Match

Mexico (MEX/4) v El Salvador (ESA/2)

In previous matches Mexico and El Salvador are split 2-2. They’ve met twice in world cup bronze medal matches (2008, 2009). Mexico won in 2008 and El Salvador won in 2009. In the first three arrows of the match El Salvador shot 8-10-8. Mexico shot 8-10-9 for a one point advantage. El Salvador finished the end with a 9-10-10 but because they shot four arrows into one target the highest arrow was removed making their score a 45. Mexico shot X10-X10-10 for a 57 and a 12 point lead.

El Salvador shot 9-9-9 to begin the 2nd end. Mexico shot 8-10-10 to increase their lead to 13 points. El Salvador ended with a 28 (9-9-10) to bring their score to 101 points. Mexico shot a 26 to bring their score to 111. El Salvador was down by 10 points at the start of the final 12 arrows. They shot 9-10-10 in a heavy swirling wind. Mexico shot a 10-8-9 bring their lead to 8 points. El Salvador finished with a perfect 30 bringing their score to 160 points. Mexico shot a 9-10-10 for a 167 and a 7 point lead.

El Salvadors opening arrow was a low 7. They followed it with a 9-10. Mexico shot a 8-9-10 to increase their lead to 8 points. El Salvador finished strong shooting a 30 (10-10-X) to bring their score to 216 points. Mexico clinched the match shooting 9-9-10. Bronze medal for Mexico 222-216.

Compound Women Team – 1st Place Match

United States of America (USA/1) v Russia (RUS/3)

The Americans Erika ANSCHUTZ, Christie COLIN and Jamie VAN NATTA are the reigning world champions. The three of them have won the first two World Cup team event of the season. One of those wins was over Russia in Shanghai where the USA won 224-219. In world cup gold medal matches between the two countries the USA has a slight advantage winning 6 of the 10 matches. The Russians will be able to count on their 2009 and 2011 world champion and 2010 World Cup winner Albina LOGINOVA.

X10-9-10 for USA to begin the match. Russia opened with 8-10-9 to give the USA a two point lead. USA ended the first end with 9­-8-9 for a 55. Russia shot a 9-9-10 for their last three arrows to tie the match at 55 points.

USA opened the match with an 8-10-X10. Russia shot a 9-10-9 to keep the match at a draw. USA shot another 28(9-10-9) for a 111 . With an opening 9-9 Russia needed a 10 to keep the match tied and world champion LOGINOVA shot a 10 to tie the match at 111. 10-10-X10 for USA to start the third end. Russia responded with a 9-10-10 to give the USA a 1 point lead. USA finished the end shooting a 10-9-9 for 169 points. Russia shot 10-X10-9 to tie the match.

The score was tied at 169 all going into the final end. USA shot 8-9-10 to start the end. Russia shot 9-10-9 for a one point lead with three arrows remaining. USA shot three low 9s to end the match. Russia shot 10-9 they needed an 8 to win and LOGINOVA shot a 9 for the win. Gold medal for Russia 225-223.

Compound Women Team – 3rd Place Match

Venezuela(VEN/5) v Italy (ITA/2)

The two teams met in the quarterfinals at world cup stage 2 in Antalya earlier this year. Venezuela won the match by 1 point 217-216. Venezuela opened the match with 10-10-10. Italy then shot 9-9-10 to give Venezuela a two point lead. Venezuela then shot 8-10-X10 for a 58. Italy needed to shoot a 30 to tie the score. They shot 9-10-10 for a 57.

In the second end Italy shot all 9s for a 54. Venezuela shot 10-10-10-10-9-10 to bring their lead to 6 points 117-111. Italy shot a 30 to begin the third end. Venezuela shot 8-10-10 to bring their lead to 2 points. Italy finished the end with 9-9-10 for a 169. Venezuela had a 8-10-9 for a 172. Italy opened the final end with 10-8-10. Italy then shot a 28 of their own. Italy ended the match with another 10-9-9. Venezuela shot 9-10 they only needed to shoot a 7 to win the match and they shot a 9. Bronze medal for Venezuela.

Compound Mixed Team – 1st Place Match

Netherlands (NED/9) v Russia (RUS/11)

To get to the Gold medal match Netherlands upset No. 1 seed USA in the quarterfinal round. Then they eliminated No. 5 seed Germany in the semifinals by one point 157-156. Russia upset No. 3 seed Italy in the quarterfinal and No. 2 seed Mexico in the semifinals to secure a place in the gold medal match.

ELZINGA opened the match with a 10. His teammate MARKOVIC did one better shooting an X10. The Russian team matched them shooting 10-10. Netherlands then shot X10-X10 for a perfect 40. Russia shot 10-9 to give Netherlands a 1 point lead.

In the second end Russia started by shooting 9-9. Netherlands also shot a 9-9 to maintain their one point lead. Russia then shot 9-10 and Netherlands once again copied them shooting a 9-X10.

Russia shot 9-X10 to begin the third end. ELZINGAs opening shot went off early and scored 7 points. His teammate shot an X10 to keep their hopes alive. Russias last 3 arrows of the end scored 8-X10 for 113 points. Netherlands shot 10-X10 for 114 total points.

Russia went into the final end down 1 point. Russia shot 10-9 to begin the final end. Netherlands shot 10-10 to increase their lead to 2 points. Russia finished with a 10-10. Netherlands needed 19 points to win the match. They shot 9-9 for a tie score at 152 points.

In the shoot-off ELZINGA started by shooting a 9 that was just high. MARKOVICs shot hit the spider. RUSSIA shot two X10s for the win. Recurve finals will start on Sunday as of 15h00 local time.


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