Women´s U19 WFC 2012 Referee presentations

Helsinki-Finland, April 25, 2012: There will be seven referee pairs from six different countries refereeing the upcoming Women´s U19 WFC in Nitra, Slovakia. Some are very experienced and have been in several IFF events, but there will be some fresh faces seen in action as well (Referee presentations).

The referee management of the tournament has been nominated and the head of the referees will be Mr. Klaus Koskela from Finland, and the two observers are Mr. Georg Jahn from Germany and Mr. Mats Öster from Sweden.

The referees for the WU19 are:

Michael Bartosek: is 36 years old and his first season as a referee was in 1996. This is his 15th season as an international referee and he has refereed in many IFF major events. He was also in the Men´s WFC in December 2010 in Helsinki with his pair.

Daniel Bartosek´s: first season as a referee was in 1998. This 36 year old referee has refereed more than 100 international matches and this is his 11th season as an international referee.

Petr Manda: is a 26 year old high school teacher and lives in Prague. He has been a referee at the national level for nine years and this is his second season as an international referee.

Martin Reichelt: is also 26 and comes from Prague, like his referee partner. He is a student. They have been in the women´s top league as referees in Czech Republic for three years. This is their first major IFF event.

Tuija Heiskanen: started her referee career in 1995, while she was playing in the Finnish league. She has refereed over 100 league matches in Finland. This is her fourth year as an international referee. Heiskanen played 10 years in the highest league in Finland and won 6 gold medals. She has 14 year old twin daughters.

Heli Saario: started to referee during the season 1998-1999 and has been an IFF referee since 2008, the same as her pair. She works as a sales training manager and lives in Espoo Finland.

Gabor Kelemen: is 37 years old and comes from Budapest Hungary. He has been an IFF referee since 2008 but this is his first IFF major event.

Laszlo Vörös: is also from Budapest and he is 29 years old. He has other floorball background experience having been the president of the Hungarian Floorball Federation. Nowadays he is a member of the Hungarian CB.

Bartsoz Burek: is 26 years old, and is CEO of a small company which provides internet and mobile services. He has been a referee at the national level for ten years and as an international referee he is starting his fourth season. He is single and lives in Poznan, Poland.

Wojciech Czarnecki: works as an engineer in his everyday life. He has been a referee for 9 years and this is his fourth season as an IFF referee. He comes from a small town called Prabuty, some 80 kilometres away from Gdansk, where he lives with his wife and young daughter.

Jonatan Lindberg: is 27 years old, and is a Fibrr technician from Falun, Sweden. He has been a referee for more than a decade and, together with his pair, they have been refereeing for more than six years. This father of a 4 month old baby boy has been an international referee since the beginning of 2012.

Jon Moberg: lives also in Falun Sweden and is studying to be a PE and Mathematics teacher. He is 24 years old and has been a referee for more than a decade. As his partner, he was nominated as an IFF referee from the beginning of this year.

Roland Brändle: started as a referee in 1992 and also has a background as a player, mainly as a goalkeeper. This 35 years old Swiss works as an IT-manager and he is married and has two sons.

Remo Niedermann: is 29 years old and started his referee career in Switzerland 2004. He has a background as an elite goalkeeper, but now he´s only playing for fun. He works as an ICT security consultant.

Referee presentations Referee presentations Referee presentations Referee presentations Referee presentations

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