Presidential candidate Dave Miley

Presidential candidate Dave Miley addresses ITF AGM, vows to deliver a positive new era for world tennis

By Amelia Fisher-Starzynski, September 26, 2019: Dave Miley, who is standing to become the next Presidential candidate Dave Miley of [ITF], today gave a passionate address in which he vowed to deliver a positive new era for world tennis and the ITF member nations.

The ITF presidential election takes place tomorrow [Friday 27 September] at the ITF AGM in Lisbon, Portugal.

Following his address to ITF delegates today, Presidential candidate Dave Miley said:

“Ahead of this important presidential vote that will impact greatly the future of our sport, I want to take this final opportunity to say a few things to the valued National Associations of the ITF and the global tennis family.

“Sadly, tennis today is fragmented with different groups often working against each other rather than for the good of the game.

This broken model cannot continue. We need a fairer system built on mutual respect for what we all do for this great sport.

“My vision for a healthier sport focuses on standing up for the ITF and the member nations at every opportunity – and to work with our stakeholders from a position of strength, not weakness.

“If elected president, I will enhance the management of the ITF and deliver greater opportunities by implementing a series of key proposals, including restructuring the ITF World Tennis Tour, establishing a Chairman of the ITF Board, developing a new commercial strategy and organising a World Summit on Tennis to help grow the industry, improve our sport and increase global participation.

“By working together I convince we can double the size of the tennis industry and deliver National Associations much greater funding and resources to grow the game across the world.

It’s not good enough that ITF financial reserves have remained static whilst staff numbers and costs have risen dramatically.

“I am proud to have earned the respect of the National Association Presidents, and to have good relations with players, coaches, the Grand Slams, the Tours and the tennis Industry.

“Throughout my 35 years working in tennis I have always worked with integrity – and if I have the honour of being president, honesty and transparency will be at the very core of how I will serve.

“I make a commitment to work with passion every single day and ensure that every ITF staff member does the same to deliver a positive new era for our sport.

One where we adapt our tennis products so that millions more people come to tennis as players and spectators.

I believe we can increase the commercial value of the whole industry and, most importantly, see the ITF National Associations more respected and better off financially.

“There is a huge amount at stake in this election for the ITF and our sport.

If the National Associations place their trust in me, they can be sure I will not let them down.” —- campaign website

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