Muhammad Asif retained the IBSF trophy

Sofia – Bulgaria, Dec 04: IBSF, Muhammad Asif of Pakistan won the title for his country after 18 years. The last champion from Pakistan was Mohammed Yousuf who won the snooker title in the year 1994.

Asif who played consistent throughout the competition start well off in the best of 19 frames final against Gary Wilson of England. After giving away 2nd frame to Gary, Asif rarely allowed him to settle down at any stage. During the first session he produced some good breaks and ended the first session by producing an excellent break of 106 points to lead 6-3.

In the second session, as Asif was inching ahead to the title, pressure started mounting on him. Having advantage of that pressure, Gary managed to cover the lead and after a long struggle both of them stood at level 8-all in the match. That was the time when Asif changed the gear and won next two frames and gifted the world title to his country.

By this, Asif also managed to retain the trophy in Asia itself that came in the 2010 and still in the region.

MEN: Final Result (Best of 19 Frames): Muhammad Asif (Pakistan) beat Gary Wilson (England) 10-8 (73-36, 11-72(53), 67-29, 72(51)-02, 39-79(59), 43-70, 67-27, 88-41, 106(106)-29, 47-78(63), 85-01, 1-111(104), 04-64, 67-80, 69-32, 23-89(56), 69-12, 67-05)

It was Wales that claimed the title third time in a row for Masters’ category. Though it was second title for Darren Morgan but in between Phil Williams also lifted the trophy for Wales the year 2010.

This year Darren Morgan defeated Australian player Glen Wilkinson 6-2 to win the championship. During the match Darren produced four breaks of 67, 92, 66 and 88 points to outplay Glen.

Worth mentioning that in the semi final match Glen played phenomenal snooker to knokckout Mark Tuite of Ireland. Glen was down 1-4 when he made a comeback and registered 5-4 win over Mark.

MASTERS: Final Result (Best of 11 Frames): Darren Morgan (Wales) beat Glen Wilkinson (Australia) – 6-2 (25-74, 75-48, 76(67)-04, 125(92)-01, 76-25, 66(66)-45, 35-70(42), 88(88)-00)

In the Women category competition, Wendy Jans of Belgium also claimed second title of her career. Before this she appeared 5 times into the Women’s final but won only once in the year 2006 at Jordan. This time in the final she defeated the defending champion Ng On Yee of Hong Kong 5-1.

Wendy gave credit to the time she devoted in her long practice sessions and mentioned that she really enjoyed the championship this year.

WOMEN: Final Result (Best of 9 Frames): Wendy Jans (Belgium) beat Ng On Yee (Hong Kong) – 5-1 (58(30)-10, 55(31)-42, 47-57, 61-42, 62-50, 64(33)-10)

In the closing ceremony, newly elected IBSF President, Jim Leacy gave away trophies and certificates to the champions and other participants. He was accompanied by Tournament Director, Maxime Cassis, Championship Overseer, Barrie Jones and President of Bulgarian Federation, Oleg Velinov. —- IBSF/Photo:

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