Otamans show their class, Ukraine 4-1 Germany

Lausanne, Feb 14, 2014: Despite fielding a team that didn’t include any of their A-list boxing stars, the Ukraine Otamans demonstrated the depth of quality in their ranks as they secured an excellent win over Team Germany in Kiev. This was a great opportunity for the up-and-coming boxers on the Otamans’ team to show the world their skills, and they took full advantage of it.

The Flyweights (52kg), Lightweights (60kg), Welterweights (69kg), Light Heavyweights (81kg) and Super Heavyweights (91+kg) contested this match.

Bout of the match

The European Light Heavyweight Champion Oleksandr Khyzhniak of Ukraine took onIgor Teziev, in what was a stunning performance of good boxing from both men. Even from the opening bell, both athletes put some real heat on their punches. The Otamans boxer was extremely explosive in his hooks to the body. Teziev meanwhile opted to focus on working relentlessly, constantly pressuring forward, hoping to wear his opponent down through a battle of attrition. However, the tactic wasn’t working well enough despite a phenomenal amount of effort on the German’s behalf, but he seemed unable to adapt his tactics to find a way to the win. This was not a pretty match but it was an extremely hard fought one. Both boxers deserve the bout of the night for their sheer hard work, but it was Khyzhniak that took it.

Boxer of the match

Super Heavyweights Viktor Vykhryst of the Ukraine Otamans and Ali Kiydin put on a very interesting match. Both men were extremely well conditioned and possessed obvious power. The Ukrainian was incredibly tall for the 100.2kg he weighed in, whilst Kiydin looked like a walking brick. The Otamans athlete began to dominate the match, making use of his jab, but with the German taking the centre of the ring and willing to take the fight to him. With just a minute left in round two however, Vykhryst knocked his man down with a huge combination of shots. The German looked wobbly as he walked to the neutral corner to take his count. Almost immediately after the bout resumed and Vykhryst was overwhelming his besieged German adversary, the referee had very quickly seen enough. He stopped the bout with just a few seconds left on the clock for the round.

The turning point

Welterweight Vjaceslav Kerber of Team Germany took on Ievgenii Barabanov of the Ukraine Otamans at a pivotal time in the match. With the Otamans 2-0 up going into the bout, Barabanov was in a position to assure the win for the hosts. The two southpaws looked very evenly matched early on. The 20 year old Ukrainian came into the ring with an unfortunate 3-1 record. This was a performance from him in terms of work rate that highlighted his desperation to improve it. Kerber however was sharp as a razor blade and scored repeatedly with overhand rights. He put in a very solid performance and did well to avoid letting the match slip into the slug-fest that would have suited Barabanov. The German’s win was important in not allowing the Otamans to have everything their own way. Kerber meanwhile goes onto a respectable 2-1 in the WSB.

Fact/Stat of the match

Ali Kiydin has the unfortunate stat of having lost both his WSB bouts to date by TKO. The first came at the hands of Italia Thunder star Joseph Joyce in Week 3 of this season. Elsewhere Vykhryst who beat him this evening is in the unfortunate state of not having any vowels in his name…or maybe that just bothers writers…

Quote of the match

“That left cross of Kerber is absolutely heat seeking” – WSB Commentator Will Vanders.

Wrap up

Jasurbek Latipov of the Ukraine Otamans and Ronny Beblik put on a great show for the crowd at Flyweight. In a high paced affair, it was the harder working Otamans boxer who displayed the better performance in the eyes of the judges as he took the win by split decision. This was a good debut for the young Uzbek boxer who seems to have slotted into the Ukrainian style of boxing quite comfortably.

Elsewhere, Lightweight Oleg Prudkyi of the Ukraine Otamans took on Robert Harutyunyan of Team Germany in a real battle. With both boxers operating from behind high guards and very upright stances, the German almost immediately went on the front foot attempting to pressure his host. Prudkyi proved to be a skilful opponent however. Willing to brawl when needed, he tried to keep the aggressive Harutyunyan at bay with some intelligent boxing. After a real scrap it was eventually the Ukrainian who won by split decision.

Coming up next

Team Germany will have no respite as they are back in action again tomorrow versus the USA Knockouts at home, whilst the Ukraine are travelling to Italy in a week’s time to face the Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder in a match that could determine who wins Group A. —- WSB

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