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OSIM BWF World Superseries tour

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, May 6, 2013: Players will have two challenges per match when the new instant review system comes into effect on the OSIM BWF World Superseries tour at the Indonesia Open.

Singles players or doubles pairs will be able to challenge line calls or umpire overrules of line calls. If a line call, after review, is deemed correct the player/pair loses one challenge. Two incorrect challenges means a player/pair will have no more challenges for the duration of the match.

However, if the player/pair challenges successfully they do not lose a challenge.

The instant review system will make its debut on the television court at the 10-16 June Superseries Premier event in Jakarta. Challenges will not be available on courts that are not running the camera-based reviews.

Challenges must be made immediately after the shuttle has landed and the call made by the line judge and before the commencement of the serve for the next rally. A player/pair should clearly state “Challenge” to the umpire and signal their request by raising their hand/arm simultaneously.

A description of the review set-up noted the system “comprises ultra-slow-motion cameras down the court lines which are sending images to a control position near the referee…On a signal from the umpire, the operator will display the images to the referee…He/she will then decide to uphold the line judges’/umpire’s decision or overturn it”.

The BWF’s newly-published Instant Review System – Player’s Guide also states this is not a “graphical system predicting whether the shuttle is in or out” but rather an ultra-slow-motion instant replay which will provide the information for the referee to decide”.

BWF Deputy President Paisan Rangsikitpho pointed out the “beneficial impact” of an instant review system in “giving players confidence that they can instigate change if they believe they have received a poor decision from on-court officials”.

Prior to implementation, there will be a second demonstration of the instant review system during the Li Ning BWF Sudirman Cup 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, though the challenge option will not be in effect for players. —- BWF

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