ITTF Launches Online Administration Course for Member Associations

Lausanne, May 22, 2017: Online Administration Course, The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is pleased to announce the launch of the ITTF Administration Course, the first certified educational course of the ITTF that is undertaken online.

The course is targeted at administrators within all Table Tennis Associations, and will help to provide the skills and knowledge on how to better administrate their association. The key areas of learning are Governance, Finance, Working with Partners, Human Resources, Organising Competitions, Marketing & Promotion and Values.

ITTF President, Thomas WEIKERT who is excited about the launch of the course “With the release of the ITTF Administration Course, ITTF is again fuelling the development of table tennis and empowering all National Associations, as part of ITTF DNA “Developing National Associations”.

With ITTF soon to have every country on earth as a member, the first International Sports Federation to achieve this milestone, our focus turns to increasing the quality and technical capacities of our National Associations and this administration course is a big step in the right direction. We congratulate our Development Department on another great initiative for our sport.”

The course can be found online at and is free for everybody. The course is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

ITTF Deputy CEO Glenn TEPPER who is responsible for ITTF’s Development, Education & Training Departments added: “The ITTF has till now focused on Coach, Umpire and Referee education, as well as player development pathways.

The next challenge was to work on administration as the backbone to the success of all programs through ITTF DNA “Developing National Associations” and we are very proud to release this self-paced, online administration course in four languages that can be done as a whole or targeted to the needs of the individuals within each association’s administration., Special congratulations to Michael Brown who worked tirelessly on this project for the last two years using IOC and World best practises

For this course, ITTF is proud to partner with Stag as the official partner of the ITTF Administration Course, who will provide incentives for National Associations to encourage their executive, and members in general, to complete the course. An equipment package will be provided to the first National Association to have 10, 50 and 100 users complete the entire course.

Each National Association can only win one of these equipment packages, which include 6 tables and nets, 80 rackets and 8 gross of balls.

In addition to the incentives for National Associations, ITTF are providing memorabilia prizes to each individual who is first to complete each of the seven modules, as well as the first individual to complete the entire course. Once again, each individual is only entitled to one of these prizes, with a total of eight prizes on offer.

The mastermind behind the course, the ITTF & Africa-Oceania Development Co-ordinator
Michael BROWN concluded: “The concept for the ITTF Administration Course began with structuring the course as a face-to-face learning, with a manual as the key resource. However, halfway through preparing the content for the course, and the way in which various improvements are being made in the technology world, it was decided to move the course to an online portal.

These seven key learning areas are what helps to form a well-structured Table Tennis Association, and through undertaking the learning from this course, I am confident that associations around the world can take their administration to a more professional level.”

So, what are you waiting for? Start studying, and improve the ways in which you can administrate the sport we all love!


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