ASB deliver pioneering National Squash Centre in Australia

London, Oct 26, 2018: Whilst the repositioning of all-glass squash showcourts has been commonplace for many years, the recent opening of the new National Squash Centre in Australia marks a historic first in the relocation of an entire facility, made possible by the world’s leading court manufacturer ASB, which is based in Germany and Czech Republic.

Originally constructed in the Oxenford Film Studios in Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in April, the six glass-backed courts together with the state-of-the-art all-glass showcourt have now become the ultimate legacy for Squash Australia in nearby Carrara, Queensland.

Delivered to Gold Coast in seven 40′ containers, the three Event Game Courts (each unit providing three singles courts, convertible to two doubles courts within minutes) and Show Glass Court, with moveable side walls, erected for Gold Coast 2018 by a crack 12-man ASB team in 43 working days.

Following the completion of the Games, it then took a further 14 working days for a 12-man team to dismantle and prepare the facility for transfer to Carrara – returning the Oxenford Studios to use for filming.

Over a further 30 working days, a six-man ASB team reconstructed two Event Game Courts (leaving the third one in storage for use later in a further legacy facility) – seen above mid-construction – plus the Show Glass Court at the Carrara Sports Complex to become the heart of Australia’s first national centre.

“We have provided the courts for each Commonwealth Games since 1998, all of which have provided long-term legacies for the hosts – such as the all the courts (including the all-glass court) for the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, which is still in use, and the courts at 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto,” said Adam Ondrasik, production manager ASB Squash.

“But the ultimate legacy is the entire facility, not only returning the initial location to the use for which it was originally designated, but also then providing a new multi-purpose base in a permanent location for long-term use.”

At the opening of the country’s new National Squash Centre – which last week hosted its first PSA World Tour event, the Q Open, for men and women – Squash Australia Chief Executive Richard Vaughan said:

“The National Squash Centre at Carrara is an amazing legacy outcome for the Gold Coast and Queensland.

World Squash Federation CEO Andrew Shelley added: “The Commonwealth Games this year is another great example of why squash is such a good fit for all major events, not least the Olympic Games if we are successful in securing a place.

“We look forward to the WSF World Championships, already booked for Carrara in the next two years, with great anticipation.” —- WSF

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