Molten new official ball partner of IHF

Basle, Jan 15, 2014: Molten Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of competition quality sports balls, is the new official ball partner of the International Handball Federation. Molten Corporation and the International Handball Federation have signed an agreement naming Molten the official game ball of the IHF.

Molten’s Elite x5000 series balls will be the official ball for all IHF competitions starting from the 2014 Women’s Junior World Championship in Croatia.

Statement from Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President of the International Handball Federation:

“Balls are a crucial part of handball – and therefore we are very proud to have a new, but highly experienced official ball partner at our side. Molten has gained experience in producing high-tech handballs for decades, they are passionate about our sport. In close cooperation with Molten, the International Handball Federation will work on perfect balls for perfect handball matches – following their claim “for the real game”. We are proud to have a new globally thinking and globally leading long-term partner.”

Statement from Kiyo Tamiaki, President and CEO of the Molten Corporation:

“We are very pleased to begin our partnership with the IHF and about the selection of Molten to be used as the official game ball in the world’s most elite handball competitions. Molten is dedicated to being at the forefront of technological innovation with the goal of providing the highest quality and value to athletes throughout the world.

We are honoured to have been given this wonderful opportunity to partner with the IHF, and we offer our heartfelt thanks to the IHF President, Dr Moustafa, and all of those involved in serving the sport of handball. Guided by our brand statement ‘For the real game’, Molten is committed to producing the absolutely best products to fulfil and exceed the expectations of the handball community.”

About Molten:

Molten, a manufacturer of balls and sports equipment, has been producing and marketing handball, basketball, volleyballs and footballs of uncompromising quality since 1958. Molten continues to raise global standards, supplying the official game balls and sports equipment for major leagues, teams and international tournaments around the world.

Molten’s brand statement, “For the real game”, encapsulates what Molten hopes to accomplish through its products and activities. It is Molten’s conviction that the real game only happens if impeccable balls and sports equipment enable athletes to realize their full potential and maximize performance. —- IHF

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