Matthias Brändle next to attack the Hour Record

Oct 23, 2014: The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is pleased to announce that Matthias Brändle, an Austrian rider with the Swiss UCI Professional Continental Team IAM Cycling, will attempt to break the Hour Record. The attempt will take place on Thursday October 30th at 7pm on the velodrome of the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland.

Twenty-four year-old Matthias Brändle (1m89, 75kg) is the current Austrian Champion in the time trial, a title he has also won previously in various categories in 2013, 2009 and 2004.

Established for the first time (35.325 km) in 1893 by the founder of the Tour de France Henri Desgrange, the Hour Record is one of the most iconic records in the world of cycling. The current holder of the record is the German rider Jens Voigt, who covered 51.110 km in 60 minutes on September 18th 2014 at the Grenchen velodrome in Switzerland.

In May this year, the UCI took steps to modernize and simplify the rules regarding the Hour Record; now the record can be tackled using any bicycle that conforms to the rules defining the characteristics of the bicycles used in endurance track events.

UCI President Brian Cookson welcomes the Austrian rider’s initiative: “I am delighted that a young rider is interested in attacking the Hour Record just weeks after Jens Voigt’s stunning performance. This proves that the Hour Record has again become a dream for athletes, including those of the new generation, as well as for cycling fans. I am convinced that in the future many other riders will attempt to add their names to the prestigious list of legendary Hour Record holders.

“Following Jens Voigt, Matthias Brändle is the second rider to attempt to beat the record time following the amendment of the regulations several months ago. This is exactly what we hoped would happen when we decided to authorize the use of track bikes with modern designs and technology.”

Matthias Brändle said: “I am 100% focused on this project, which is very close to my heart. I have decided to try my luck because I have been impressed by Jens Voigt since I was a young child. His personality and style have made a mark on me. To attack over and over again, in all conditions, and fight to exhaustion knowing that the chance of winning is small has also become my trademark.

After he made his successful assault on the Hour, I thought he had fulfilled his dream, and within just a few weeks I surprised myself by starting to have the same dream. Just imagine if I have what it takes to fight against the clock and the metres. In spite of what happened a few days later at the Worlds in Ponferrada (Spain), I stayed calm. It even encouraged me to try my luck. As of today I do not know whether I can beat the mark or not. But as usual, it will be a very personal struggle between me and the clock. And just for that, I am really looking forward to the big day!”

The UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) is a high level education and training centre, which also houses the UCI headquarters.

Inaugurated in 2002, it hosts around 100 athletes every year who devote all their energy to their sporting careers, as well as many professionals from around the world who work in the field of cycling. The WCC trains and develops young hopefuls in three Olympic disciplines: road, track and BMX.

Designed and developed by Ralph Schürmann, a world-renowned architect specializing in this field, the WCC velodrome is unique in its design and meets a set of very precise criteria. While offering the greatest security guarantees, its relatively round profile makes it suitable for all track disciplines (speed and endurance). At the same time, its straight lines are sufficiently long to suit sprinters.

Constructed from carefully selected Siberian pine, with a hand-finished surface, the velodrome in Aigle provides a smooth surface that is ideal for reaching very high speeds. —- By Rob Fawdon

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