Managing Committee Meeting of SJAS

Karachi – Pakistan, Jan 31, 2013: The Managing committee of Sports Journalists Association Sindh (SJAS) reposing full confidence on the leadership of President Rashid Ali Siddiqui and Secretary General Ubaid ur Rehman Awan directed all SJAS members not to discuss any matter related with Pakistan Sports Writers Federation on any public form or email groups. It also directed members to follow this instruction strictly otherwise Managing Committee will have the right to take action against them.

Every member present in the meeting also paid tribute to President and Secretary for their hard work and good service for the sports community of Sindh and as well as running the association in proper manner. The Managing Committee discussed the matters pertaining to the 4th PSWF Congress, held in Peshawar and demanded of the President PSWF Shahid Shaikh to form a neutral arbitrary committee under the PSWF Constitution By-laws article 25 to resolve issues with SJAS. The Managing Committee, which met on Thursday at Karachi Press Club under the chair of President Rashid Ali Siddiqui, also formed a three-member committee to take up PSWF issues with arbitrary committee, if Shahid Shaikh forms it.

Eleven members who attended the meeting were besides President and Secretary General, Senior Vice President Syed Nasar Iqbal, Vice President Tariq Aslam and members of Managing Committee Irshad Ali, Muhammad Asghar, Muhammad Asif Khan, Zubair Nazir Khan, M. Ishaq Baloch, Umer Shaheen and Zahid Ghaffar.

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