14 new men’s elements submitted…

TOKYO (JPN), FIG News: The FIG Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee has announced that a total of 14 new elements have been submitted for evaluation during the 43rd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships (mag new elements). The new elements include four on the Horizontal Bar, seven on Parallel Bars and one each on Floor Exercise, Still Rings and Vault. Gymnasts have the opportunity to present new elements at any official FIG event. In order for them to be included in the Code of Points, the submitted elements must be performed by the gymnasts during the respective tournament.

Floor Exercise
1. Jump backward with ½ turn to double salto forward stretched with ½ turn (F value, EG4)
Submitted by Eddie PENEV (BUL)

Still Rings
2. Salto forward piked or stretched with 5/2 turns (D value, EGV)
Submitted by Max WHITLOCK (GBR)

3. Handspring forward and salto forward stretched with 3/1 turns (7.4 value, EGIII)
Submitted by YANG Hak Seon (KOR)

Parallel Bars
4. Bhavsar to bent arm support (C value, EGIII), same box & value as Bhavsar to upper arm hang (Code III.5)
Submitted by Mahmood ALSADI (QAT)
5. Moy piked with ½ turn to upper arm support, also with straddle (B, EGIII)
Submitted by Mahmood ALSADI (QAT)
6. Swing forward with ¾ turn and hop to handstand on one rail (D value, EGI)
Submitted by Alen DIMIC (SLO)
7. Swing forward with 5/4 turn on 1 arm through Healy to support (F value, EGI), any momentary stop will result in two independent elements
Submitted by Epke ZONDERLAND (NED)
8. Double salto forward piked (F value, EGV)
Submitted by (RUS) David BELYARSKIY (RUS)
9. From upper arms hang, backward salto with ½ twist (D value, EGII)
Submitted by Jacob DALTON (USA)
10. 5/4 straddled front salto to hang (E value, EGI). Note: An exercise cannot include more than one variation of the same element. The second executed in chronological order is considered as repetition. This includes the versions of this element to support, upper arms, and hang.
Submitted by Sergio SASAKI (BRA)

Horizontal Bar

11. Endo in el-grip and 1/1 turn to double under grip (D value, EGIII), same box & value as Endo in el-grip and 1/1 turn to mixed grip (Code IV.40)
Submitted by Mahmood ALSADI (QAT)

12. Stoop circle rear ways with hop to handstand under grip on one arm to 1/1 turn to double el-grip (D + C), two separate elements, Stoop circle rearward forward hop to handstand in under grip or over grip (Code IV.10) and Giant swing fwd. with 1/1 turn in double elgrip (Code I.15)
Submitted by Jossimar CALVO MORENO (COL)

13. Yamawaki ½ stretched to mixed grip into back uprise to hdstd (E value)
Submitted by Sergio MUNOZ (ESP) & Enrique POZZO (ITA)

14. Gaylord from el-grip = (D value), same box & value as Gaylord (Code II.52)
Submitted by Vlasios MARAS (GRE)

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