JUNG takes gold at the London Archery Classic.

London-FITA News, 9 October 2011: JUNG Dasomi (KOR) won the gold medal in the women’s individual event at the London Archery Classic at Lord’s Cricket Ground on Sunday, 9 October. Justyna MOSPINEK (POL) won silver and KI Bo Bae (KOR) bronze.

World No. 1 JUNG has been in commanding form all week and that continued on Sunday as she beat Justyna MOSPINEK (POL) 6-4 having earlier defeated Katsiaryna TIMOFEYEVA (BLR), American teenager Miranda LEEK (USA) and Korean teammate KI Bo Bae (KOR) in the semifinals.

MOSPINEK, ranked No. 20 in the world, proved a tough opponent and took the match to a fifth set. The contest was in the balance until the final arrow but JUNG produced a 10 to take gold. There was some consolation for KI as she went on to win the bronze medal match, beating Ren HAYAKAWA (JPN) 6-2.

HAYAKAWA, who has climbed to No. 15 in the world ranking, was the last Japanese competitor following defeats to her sister Nami HAYAKAWA and Kaori KAWANAKA in the 1/8 eliminations in the morning.

LEEK’s good run came to an end at the hands of JUNG but only after the American had shocked HAN Gyeonghee (KOR) 6-4 in the 1/8 eliminations. World No. 2 HAN, who helped the Korean women win the team event on Wednesday, had struggled in the 1/16 eliminations and was also out of form on Sunday, scoring a four at the start of the third set.

LEEK could not repeat her feat against 19-year-old JUNG, who is only in her first year of international competition but who has risen quickly to the top of the rankings. On Monday, the competition will end with the men shooting the individual 1/8 eliminations followed by the quarterfinals, bronze and gold medal matches.

Here are the key notes from the gold medal match:

– JUNG and MOPINEK have met once in the quarterfinal of the Stage 2 of the Archery World Cup 2011 in Antalya. JUNG won 6-2 and went on to clinch the stage in Turkey. She also won the team bronze medal at the world championships as well as silver (individual) and gold (team) at the Universiades in Shenzhen. JUNG burst out at the highest level this season and climbed all the way to the No. 1 rank in the world.

MOSPINEK is currently 20th in the world, but she has been as high as 4th a year ago. She won the World Cup Final in 2008 and she took the 2nd place at the Beijing Test Event in 2007. It was a tight final match for the London Archery Classic’s title! JUNG’s and MOPINEK’s set points were equal at 2-2, 3-3 and 4-4 with only one set to go.

It then remained undecided up to the very last arrow… JUNG scored 9 and 8 in the final set and finished with a beautiful 10. As MOSPINEK had done 10 and 8, a 10 would give her victory, while a 9 would at least ensure a tie-break. But with a poor 7… she let the gold medal go on Korea’s side!

Here are the key notes from the bronze medal match:
– KI and HAYAKAWA have met once in the semifinal at Stage 2 of the Archery World Cup 2011 in Antalya. KI won 6-0. She took the 2nd place in Turkey. She went on to win a mixed team gold and team bronze at the Turin world championships last July and a triple gold at the Shenzhen Universiades in August (individual, team, mixed team).

HAYAKAWA took 4th place in Turkey, her best ever individual result. She is enjoying the finest season so far of her career climbing to the 15th rank in the world. KI is the world No. 3. After an ideal start with 29 points (2-0), KI let her opponent tie the game at 2-2, shooting only 25 in the second set. But the Korean won the two following sets (6-2) and clinched the first individual medal at stake in this event: bronze!

Here are the key notes from the semifinals:
– JUNG and KI had met three times at the highest level before this match. JUNG won twice during the 2011 World Cup 6-4 and 6-5. KI took their meeting at the gold final at the Shenzhen Universiades, 6-4. JUNG has climbed to the No. 1 rank in the world, while KI is 3rd. Together they won the team bronze at the last world championships, while KI got the gold in mixed team.

In semifinal in London, KI took the best start with two times 27 points and led 4-0. But her teammate did not panic and scored 28 and 29 in the third and fourth sets to draw level at 4-4. As the final set could decide between the two Koreans—27 point each—they were still tied at 5-5! After JUNG scored 8 “only” in the tie-break, one thought KI would beat this mark… but she released a 7 and let victory fly away…

– HAYAKAWA and MOSPINEK never met at the highest level. The Japanese has climbed to her best ever world ranking since last month, at 15th. Her opponent from Poland is currently 20th in the world, but she has been as high as 4th a year ago. MOSPINEK won the World Cup Final in 2008 and she took the 2nd place at the Beijing Test Event in 2007. As in the first semifinal on Sunday afternoon, the game was tight. The two young ladies were tied at 2-2, 3-3 and 4-4! In the final set, while HAYAKAWA could not do better than 25 points, MOSPINEK put her three arrows in the gold ring (9-9-10) to clinch victory, 6-4.

Here are the key notes from Sunday afternoon quarterfinals:
– To reach the quarterfinals JUNG Dasomi (KOR/1) did not lose any sets in her previous two matches (she had was exempt from the first round). Her set average score was 27.62 so far, and her arrow average score 9.20. These numbers are very close to those of her opponent Miranda LEEK (USA/24) with 27.30 and 9.10.

However, the American lost four sets in the three first matches. But she beat two higher ranked competitors in 1/16 and 1/8, Natalia VALEEVA (ITA/9) and HAN Gyeonghee (KOR/8). JUNG and LEEK faced each other in 1/8 eliminations at the Turin World Championships this year, where the Korean easily won 7-1. JUNG got off to a flying start with a perfect first set. She led 2-0 and 4-0, as her opponent could not do higher than two times 26 in the first two sets. And although the Korean only scored 26 in the third set, this was enough against LEEK’s 24 to clinch a straight 6-0 victory.

– The statistics and ranking speak in favour of the Korean in the match between KI Bo Bae (KOR/5) and Guendalina SARTORI (ITA/36). KI lost no set in her way to this match and has the highest set average (28.12) and highest arrow average (9.37) of all quarterfinalists. However, SARTORI defeated three higher ranked competitors in the previous rounds and started this match with complete confidence. The two archers had a very slow start with 22 and 23 only, and SARTORI was fortunate enough to take a 2-0 lead. Following with two sets of 27 points, KI leveled the score at 3-3, also taking advantage of a 4 by her opponent to end the third set. The two ladies went on mixing some very well and some very bad shots. The Korean’s 25 in the fourth set were enough to beat the Italian’s 24 and take the lead for the first time of the match (5-3). KI had found her way and clinched the match with 9-10-10 for a 7-3 victory.

– Justyna MOSPINEK (POL/3) and Carrie WEGH (NED/6) had a quite similar eliminations path towards the quarterfinals with six sets won in two matches each, the Pole losing one set and the Dutch two sets on the way. But MOSPINEK had an advantage in the set average score statistics with 27.14 against 25.62. After a tie in the first set (1-1), MOSPINEK raise her shooting level, hitting the gold five times out of six in the next two sets and took a deciding advantage at 5-1. As the fourth set was a tie, the one point set won was enough for the Pole to get overcome WEGH, 6-2.

– Ren HAYAKAWA (JPN/2) is the only Japanese who survived Sunday morning matches! She had a straight three-set victory in 1/16 eliminations against Naomi FOLKARD (GBR) but survived a shoot-off against Ksenia PEROVA (RUS) in 1/8. The numbers showed FANG Yuting (CHN/10) as the favorite of the last quarterfinal, as she had two easy 7-1 and 6-2 wins in the previous rounds. The Chinese took advantage of a 2 at her opponent’s opening arrow to take the lead at 2-0. HAYAKAWA managed to quickly regain her self-control, however. The Japanese scored three solid sets of 29, 29 and 28 and advanced to the semis (6-2)!

Here are some key notes from Sunday morning matches:
– The best female archer of the world and No. 1 seed in London, JUNG Dasomi (KOR), showed her top form in the very first match of the day. She shot all but one arrow in the gold in the four sets that were played in this 1/8 eliminations match. The Korean defeated Katsiaryna TIMOFEYEVA (BLR), world No. 84 and No. 17 seed, by 7-1.

– HAN Gyeonghee (KOR/8), No. 2 in the world, who helped Korea win the team event on Wednesday, put herself in trouble with an uncharacteristic 4 to start the third set. She led 4-0 at that time and gave a chance for recovery to her opponent Miranda LEEK (USA/24). The American then shot three very strong sets of 28, 28 and 29 to come back and upset the Korean by 6-4!

– The third Korean and No. 3 in the world, KI Bo Bae (KOR/5), faced the surprising Kaori KAWANAKA (JPN/44), who defeated the five-time Olympian from the host country Alison WILLIAMSON (GBR) and then Magali FOULON (ESP) in the previous rounds. However, this time there was no upset as the Korean favorite did not leave the yellow ring for the whole match (seven 10s and five 9s!) to clinch an indisputable four-set victory, 7-1.

– Would the second Japanese competitor on the field this morning be more successful? Nami HAYAKAWA (JPN/13) faced the only Italian left in the competition, Guendalina SARTORI (ITA/36), who kicked out two athletes from Chinese Taipei in 1/32 and 1/16 eliminations. The match remained undecided up to the final set and the lead kept changing from one to the other. The Japanese trailed 0-2, but then came back and took the lead at 4-2. Her opponent from Italy made the effort to level the score at 4-4, and the two ladies ended up with a tied set and a tied match (5-5). In the tie-break, HAYAKAWA released a 9 that was excelled by a 10 from SARTORI for an Italian victory!

– Justyna MOSPINEK (POL/3) and Khatuna LORIG (USA/14) already met in the previous Olympic Test Event, in Beijing 2007. The Pole won that quarterfinal encounter, but the match was shot in cumulative scoring at that time, not in the set format as it is today. However, this year’s game had the same outcome with a victory 6-2 for the highest seeded archer, MOSPINEK, winner of the 2008 World Cup Final.

– The rising star of this event, Carrie WEIGH (NED/6), 20 years old, who was mixed team’s silver medalist at the Youth World Championships back in August, had a straight three-set victory, 6-0, over the 21-year old XU Jing (CHN/22), in 1/8 eliminations this morning.

– World Championships 2011 individual bronze medalist FANG Yuting (CHN/10) made a flying start against Maja Buskjerg JAGER (DEN/7). Leading 4-0, she had done the donkey work and finally clinched an easy 6-2 victory.

– After Kaori KAWANAKA’s and Nami HAYAKAWA’s defeats earlier in the morning, the No. 2 seeded Ren HAYAKAWA (JPN/2) hoped to avenge her teammates and keep Japan in the race for this event’s medals. But nothing was easy against Ksenia PEROVA (RUS/15), who had upset the World Cup reigning champion CHENG Ming (CHN) in 1/16 eliminations. The Japanese came back from behind (3-5) to win the game (6-5) thanks to a fantastic 10 in the shoot-off!

On Monday, 10 October, the competition will end with the men shooting the individual 1/8 eliminations followed by the quarterfinals, bronze and gold medal matches.

The matches are shot in the best-of-five sets format. Each set consists of three arrows and is worth two points; each archer gets one point in the case of a tied set. The first archer with six set points wins the match. In the case of a tied match at 5-5 in set points, a one-arrow shoot-off is shot. The winner is the archer whose arrow is closest to center.

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