Lee Chong Wei leads badminton money winners

Paris, France Jan 06, 2014: The badminton magazine “Badzine” reveals the top 50 money earners based on the prize money awarded during the 2013 season for all Badminton World Federation tournaments, according to a report by AIPS (International Sports Press Association). Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia tops the bill in the men’s category with almost US$300,000, while China’s Zhao Yunlei takes the most lucrative spot in the women’s category thanks to her incredible run in both mixed and women’s doubles events.

The statistics reveal clearly that the Asians are very much on top of the chart as only one European is in the top 10 – Denmark’s Christinna Pedersen, ranked 7th with US$123,000. China, as expected, is the country which comes on top of the winnings with seven players in the top 15.

Some surprise, however, with very popular players expected to top the bill – such as India’s Saina Newhal, who “only” pocketed US$43,400 and clearly contrasts with the outstanding endorsement contracts reported by the Indian press.

“These statistics are quite striking as one can see what a badminton player can earn in a year in terms or prize money. It shows that, even if the prize money is going up, it is still difficult for a lot of players to make a living if they only rely on prize money. Without their own sponsors, the help of their federation, their clubs, most wouldn’t be able to afford to travel to tournaments,” says Raphael Sachetat, Chief Editor of Badzine.

Here are Badzine’s top 10 earners:

Player Nationality Earnings in US$
1) LEE Chong Wei MAS 292,540
2) ZHAO Yunlei CHN 167,195
3) LI Xuerui CHN 143,095
4) ZHANG Nan CHN 142,535
5) LEE Yong Dae KOR 141,445
6) SUNG Ji Hyun KOR 127,875
7) Christinna PEDERSEN DEN 127,596.25
8) BAO Yixin CHN 116,742.50
9) KO Sung Hyun KOR 113,790
10) WANG Shixian CHN 112,175

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