Karachi Municipal Corporation

Karachi Municipal Corporation and Sports Journalists Association of Sindh will coordinate for the betterment of Sports in the city

Karachi, March 17, 2021: The seven members delegation of the Sports Journalists Association of Sindh (SJAS), under it’s president, Muhammad Asif Khan, met with the Administrator Karachi, Laiq Ahmed at his office.

The SJAS delegation was consist of Secretary General, Asghar Azeem, Senior Vice President, Zubair Nazeer Khan, Vice President, Mehmood Riaz, Secretary Information, Maqsood Ahmed, Executive Committee members Faizan Lakhani and Shahid Ansari.

In the meeting, sports activities in Karachi by KMC, stability of various sports complexes and departmental teams rehabilitation discussed.

Asghar Azeem, the Secretary General of SJAS, at the moment, briefed the Administrator Karachi about the performance of SJAS.

He said that with limited resources the way KMC has expressed interest in sports & it’s development is commendable and a learning curve for other departments.

In the first phase, from March 19-23 will be a Week Sports Festival

President Asif Khan, meanwhile, said that under the leadership of Laiq Ahmed the way KMC has restoration of sports commendable.

The President assured his full support to the Administer.

During the interaction, the Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed, applauded SJAS for it’s service. He said that they would carry out their support to SJAS in various endeavours. The administrator was keen to revive Kashmir & Landhi sports Complexes, the hubs of Sports, once again.

He announced about the Sports Festival and Exhibition in Karachi between March 19-23 in which Cricket, Hockey and other sports will play, while the Goul-e-Dawoodi exhibition at the Bagh-e-Ibn Qasim will transmit the peaceful image of the city.

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