Japan Gymnastics Association: PRESTIGIOUS NOMINATION

LAUSANNE (SUI), April 10, 2012: On March 16, 2012, at the age of sixty nine, FIG Vice-President Koji Takizawa of Japan was nominated to the position of Managing Director of the Educational Foundation of Nippon Sport Science University (NSSU) Group, where he has acted as Professor of Sport philosophy since 1994. He took office April 1, 2012 (Japan Gymnastics Association).

His new mandate is to assist President of the Educational Foundation of NSSU Group Kenshiro Matsunami and to oversee management and responsibilities of the university and its ten affiliated schools.

Founded in 1891 in Tokyo, the prestigious university pursues scholastic research in physical education and sports and applies those results to hone sports skills and gain competitive strength. The NSSU seeks to be a leader in education and sports in Japan, and to contribute internationally with a unique and creative educational system.

The current and triple All-around World Champion (2009, 2010, 2011) Kohei Uchimura is one of the most famous athletes alumni at Nittaidai University (graduated in March 2011). Prior to his enrolment, a number of gymnastic legends attended the same university, such Shinji Morisue, Koji Gushiken, Mitsuo Tsukahara, and Eizo Kenmotsu.

Professor Koji Takizawa will resign from his position as FIG Vice-President at the end of the current Olympic cycle, after thirty years of activity within the Federation. After his nomination, he declared:”NSSU / Nittaidai founded in 1891, will be cerebrating 125th anniversary in 2016. I am enormously grateful to the President of the Japan Gymnastics Association, Hidenori Futagi, to the Gymnastics Community and to Gymnastics itself for leading me to continue to work in such a position even after my retirement. Commemorative speech given by President Grandi at the Nittaidai last year and all the achievements by gymnasts including Kohei Uchimura must have led me to receive high commendation. I am truly thankful especially to them.”

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