ITU holds successful third Science & Triathlon Conference in Paris

Paris, Dec 1, 2015: ITU’s third edition of the biannual Science and Technology conference took place last week at INSEP, France’s National Institute of Sports. The training centre was the perfect setting for the two-day seminar that explored various topics related to triathlon and training.

ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado opened the conference, along with INSEP’s Director General Jean-Pierre De Vincenzi.

“We began this conference six years ago because we wanted to create an environment that promotes further research in triathlon. As a young sport, we’ve experimented with many formats and best practices in the last 26 years, which has made us a leader in sports research,” Casado said in her opening speech on the importance of the conference.

With more than 250 attendees from over 45 countries, the conference boasted participants from as far as Australia and New Zealand with representatives from every continent traveling to France to learn how they can better improve their triathletes.

With a focus on “Peaking for Rio, preparing for Tokyo and beyond”, presentations included case studies on successful athletes, research on best training practices, information on optimal nutrition and training in extreme conditions, among many more topics.

The line-up of speakers included renowned coaches like Darren Smith, Sergio Santos, Joel Filliol and many recognized scientists and experts such as ITU Medical Delegate Chair Sergio Migliorini, sport scientists Dr. Christophe Hausswirth and Dr. Yann Le Meur, as well as physiologists Iñigo Mujika and Paul Laursen.

The combination of elite coaches and sport scientists offered attendees a balanced look at theoretical and practical training ideas, which was praised on social media by attendees using the hashtag #ScienceTriathlon.

“Privileged to spend time with sports rock & rollers Iñigo Mujika, Paul Larsen, Darren Smith, Joel Filliol, & Jamie Stanley,” one participant posted on Twitter.

Not only did those attending the conference find it useful, but Paul Larsen, himself an accomplished and recognized physiologist, enjoyed learning from other presenters and tweeted: “Success factors for Simon Whitfield’s consistent career by Joel Filliol. Student of the sport always.”

At the end of the conference, it was announced that the next edition of the Science and Triathlon conference will be held in Edmonton in 2017.

Reports from the conference will soon be made available. —- ITU

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