ITTF Officially Thanks Olympic Solidarity’s Years

Lausanne, July 12, 2013: Solidarity, For more than 15 years, the International Table Tennis Federation has held table tennis development activities from Burundi to Palestine and everywhere in between, with an average of 110 courses annually.

These programmes that bring the joy of table tennis to the masses could not have been done with the help and support of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity initiative.

Last week, ITTF’s President Adham Sharara and CEO Judit Farago were able to show ITTF’s gratitude to the Olympic Solidarity in Lausanne, Switzerland. On behalf of the ITTF, they presented a ITTF Dream Builder plaque to Senior Project Manager of Coaches’ Programmes, Mr. Yassine Yousfi, which are awarded to top ITTF Dream Building supporters.

“It was very satisfying to personally hand-deliver, on behalf of our Development staff, the ITTF Dream-Building Award to Olympic Solidarity at their headquarters in Lausanne”, said Adham Sharara. “I was very pleased to meet Mr. Yassine Yousfi and hear directly from him the very positive comments about our Development and Education & Training Programmes and the full co-operation he experiences with our staff.”

“The ITTF has received so many awards lately for our programmes, it was a refreshing moment to hand out an award instead. I am sure that the close relationship and co-operation between the ITTF and Olympic Solidarity will continue over the years and that we will share more great initiatives in the near future” concluded the ITTF President.

Glenn Tepper, ITTF Deputy Chief Executive Officer, was equally thankful for the support of Olympic Solidarity to assist the ITTF to improve people’s lives through sport:

“Olympic Solidarity Coaches Department has been the most active partner of ITTF Development Programme since inception in 1999, and also of the “With the Future in Mind” Scholarship Programme since 2002 through the Olympic Solidarity Athletes Department.The Coaches Department have funded over 1 million US dollars in the last quadrennial, while over 100 young talented athletes mainly from developing countries have received over 1 million US dollars in pursuit of their Olympic dreams. The close relationship built on trust and mutual respect has only grown over the years”, he said. “Pere Miro and Yassine Yousfi in particular, have been there since the beginning and we greatly appreciate their close co-operation.”

“It is an indication of the respect ITTF holds for Olympic Solidarity that our ITTF President, Adham Sharara and our ITTF CEO Judit Farago, personally went to Olympic Solidarity to present them with this token of our appreciation: the Dream Builder plaque”, concluded the Deputy CEO. —- ITTF

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