ITTF Nominated for Prestigious Beyond Sport

Lausanne, June 27, 2013: The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has been nominated for the prestigious “Beyond Sport: Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year” for the second time in 2 years, for its work using table tennis as a vehicle for positive social change.

This nomination comes 2 weeks after the ITTF won the “SportAccord Spirit of Sport Award” for its Ping Pong Paix program.

ITTF’s Deputy CEO Glenn Tepper stated: “ITTF Development Program is honored to be short-listed for the second time in the prestigious Beyond Sport awards. While accolades are not sought, they are affirmation from the international sporting community that our work is both recognized as a world leading practice and our pathway is the right one.”

The nomination is yet another accolade for the efforts of the ITTF Development Programme; a whole host of awards have already been gained through innovative projects.

In 2009, the best International Federation was presented to the ITTF at the “Peace and Sport Award”; whilst on several occasions the ITTF has been short listed at the “FICTS Sport Movies and TV Awards” gaining a Mention D´Honneur in 2012.

In addition to these, in 2012 the ITTF Women’s Development Programme was awarded, and one year earlier the ITTF won the SportBusiness International “Making the difference” awards.

“We are proud of this prestigious recognition which is the result of a truly team work,” stated ITTF Development Director Leandro Olvech. “An Executive Committee providing the pathway, staff and experts executing, sponsors and partners supporting all aligned with a passion towards the development of table tennis worldwide for ALL.”

About Beyond Sport

Beyond Sport is dedicated to promoting and funding sport as a vital tool for systematic and positive social change. Our approach to achieve this is through the following five pillars:

• Share – We gather best practice from the world’s leading projects, celebrate their work and share their insight with our community and beyond.

• Promote – We actively promote awareness of the role of sport as tool for social change, and we build evidence to drive further investment in the field.

• Collide – We collide influencers from the private, government, social and sport sectors with leading sport-for-change practitioners to create effective partnerships for scale.

• Grow – We provide leading sport-for-change organisations with the funding and resources to scale their operations and the impact they create.

• Advise – We will in the longer term lobby, support and consult to organisations with the potential to deliver sport-for-change work.

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