ITTF Legends Tour to Make its Debut in May

Lausanne, Mar 20, 2014: The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is excited to announce the newest addition to its calendar, the ITTF Legends Tour.

The ITTF Legends Tour will give table tennis fans across the globe another opportunity to watch the greats battle it out once more on the world stage.

Signed up for the historic tour are the best of the best: Sweden’s Olympic Champion Jan-Ove WALDNER, compatriots Jörgen PERSSON and Mikael APPELGREN, China’s JIANG Jialiang, Belgium’s Jean-Michel SAIVE and Frenchman Jean-Philippe GATIEN.

The first stop of the newly founded ITTF Legends Tour will be Jemeppe-sur-Meuse, a region of the Belgian city of Seraing, situated in province of Liège, on Wednesday 7th May 2014.

“The reaction to the Legends Tour has been outstanding, much higher than I expected”, said a delighted Philippe SAIVE, whose company Philippe Saive Management is the visionary behind the tour.

“I anticipate that we will be sold out in Seraing. Now the task is to sell the Legends Tour worldwide; we need to find organisers and sponsors, also we need to organise a schedule; arranging the schedule might well prove the most difficult task of all.”

Former world number one Jean-Michel SAIVE, who is remarkably still playing at the highest level at 44-years-old, stated: “This event is going to be very popular in the table tennis world. There will be one Olympic Champion, four World Champions, five former world number ones and four European Champions, so the history of our sport will be behind just one table. It will be magic.”

Frenchman Jean-Philippe GATIEN who beat Jean-Michel SAIVE in the 1993 World Championship final added: “I’m very glad and honored to be part of the ITTF Legends Tour. I hope that the table tennis fans all over the word will as happy as I am to meet my old friends and opponents.”

“Expect the unexpected”, which is the mantra of Olympic Champion Jan-Ove Waldner will be surely be the theme of the ITTF Legends Tour, so don’t miss out!

To find out more about the upcoming ITTF Legends Tour visit the official website:

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