ITF creates Women in Sport Committee with 65 nations represented in 2018-19 committees and commissions

London, Dec 13, 2017: The ITF has announced the creation of an ITF Women in Sport Committee to promote equal opportunities on and off the court. The ITF today released the composition of its committees and commissions for 2018-19 (ITF Women Sport Committee).

A total of 185 representatives from a record 65 nations have been invited to serve on a range of ITF Committees, Commissions and Taskforces that assist the ITF and its Board of Directors across key areas of the sport at all levels.

Committee members include representatives of the ITF Board, member nations and other individuals with specific areas of expertise. In line with the ITF2024 strategy, the 2018-19 appointments reflect the ITF’s drive for diversity, gender equality, inclusion and cooperation.

The goal of the Women in Sport Committee will be to advise and make recommendations to the ITF Board of Directors on ways of promoting equal opportunities for girls and women to participate in tennis and the leadership of the sport. The Women in Sport Committee will be chaired by USTA President and ITF Board member Katrina Adams.

ITF President David Haggerty said: “Tennis can be proud to be a sport that provides equal opportunities on the court, but we recognise that this is not yet reflected in leadership roles at the highest levels.

In addition to increasing the number of women on our own committees, we see the creation of a new ITF Women in Sport Committee as an important step in promoting equal opportunities for girls and women to play tennis and assume senior positions in our sport.”

“The next few years will be important for the ITF as we strive to increase tennis participation and achieve the ITF2024 strategic priorities. Committees will play a critical role in providing the resources needed to meet the challenges that lie ahead.” —- ITTF

Click here to view list of ITF committees and commissions

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