ISSF EGA approves Tokyo 2020 Programme and a consultative forum to discuss 2024 and beyond

Munich, June 25, 2017: The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) today approved the Tokyo 2020 Shooting Sport Olympic program, and the creation of an open and consultative forum comprising athletes, coaches and representatives from Member Federations to review the shooting events for the 2024 Olympic Games and beyond (ISSF EGA approves Tokyo 2020 Programme).

The EGA had been called to discuss recommendations made by the ISSF Executive Board to amend the Olympic shooting events programme for Tokyo 2020. These recommendations were approved by the IOC Executive Board on 9 June 2017, validating their compliance with Olympic Agenda 2020 focus on fostering gender equality.

In a proactive step, the EGA also approved the creation of a new forum, to ensure an ongoing and collaborative review process for all shooting events – including the ones replaced – in the lead up to the 2024 Olympic Games and beyond.

The move will ensure the ISSF, in collaboration with the IOC, continues to drive positive change for its Olympic event lineup wherever appropriate.

A total of 137 member federations, including 40 proxy federations, representing 251 votes, attended the EGA.

The meeting was opened by ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña before the floor was passed to ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber.

ISSF Executive Committee member and Chairman of the Technical Committee, Jörg Brokamp, together with Chairman of the ISSF Judges Committee Peter Underhill, presented an overview of the collaborative process taken by the ISSF Ad Hoc Committee in proposing changes to the ISSF’s Olympic event lineup, as well as the rationale behind those recommendations.

ISSF Athletes Committee Chairman Abhinav Bindra gave a presentation on the recommendations from an athletes’ perspective.

IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell then provided an overview of Olympic Agenda 2020 and praised the ISSF for clearly meeting the goals of the IOC, expressing full support for the recommendations from the IOC Executive Board and IOC Programme Commission

President Olegario Vázquez Raña said:

“Today’s meeting was very important. As you would expect in a global organisation it is difficult to introduce change and get a complete consensus; but as was made clear, the decisions were taken considering what is best for the whole sport, and our Member Federations approved it.

“It is now time to look forward to Tokyo 2020 and focus on how we can improve and develop our sport. The IOC Executive Board has approved the changes to the events programme for Tokyo 2020 we do not want to sit back. We want to push forward and ensure that we are working with the IOC to drive change and shape our sport’s Olympic future.

That is why we have proposed creating a platform specifically focused on our events, which was approved by the EGA. We want everyone in the ISSF family to be able to contribute. The forum will bring the ISSF family closer together and ensure that everyone has a voice in the recommendations for 2024 and beyond.

“I call for unity. I call for friendship among all the Member Federations so we can continue working together as we have always done, as one big family.” —- ISSF

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