Introduction of ONA Sports Club…

Introduction ONA Sports Club: Compiled by: Syed Osama Ali and Nadeem Muhammad Khan.

Who we are ?

We have brought splendid diversified experience and have enrich history in the field of different Sports and we have made a platform namely ONA Sports Club. Where we are not only to develop the confidence level but also spread peace through sports in a gentle way. ( )

We are organizing different programs in the City since long with the slogan of “Peace through Sports”. In order to reduce frustration, anxiety and stress from the society as we live in a world that is faced with many challenges. Our survival depends on how we approach and deal with modern day problems through global consensus and mutual strategy.

We must prepare our next generation to fight ignorance and understand how sustainability can be ensured. We believe our talent and in connecting the unconnected is our best tool to bring about social change. We believe that we exist to help and play a pivotal role in empowering communities. You can help us integrate societal concerns within our strategy frameworks, so that we can do a better job for creating even better and healthy environments.

It is therefore we have introduced how Sports can reduce your stress and lessen your vulnerability to stress.

A sportsman spirit can be only fully formed by developing the certain characteristics, all of which are highly helpful to building your coping-up mechanisms against stress, such as improving your decision-making, calming your fears, and projecting confidence. When anger or fear dominates, the thinking processes tend to shut down, and a constant state of being like this leaves you stressed.

Learning the way of the sportsman spirit may help you to contain your stress responses and overcome the likewise situations and teach you how to establish real focus and self-management. The following elements are usual parts of what you’ll learn in your Sports training:

• You will learn to respond situations that involve fear.

• You will be learning how to develop non-verbal behaviors that manage to communicate confidence to others.

• You will be learning how to remain calm under pressure.

• You will be learning how to make rapid decisions under stressful situations.

• You will remain fit, active and healthy.

• Your confidence level comes to maturity.

All Sports have their own purposes. Some of them want to be strong, some want to be healthy, some want to strengthen their mind, some want to appreciate the pleasant feeling after perspiring, some want to be able to defend themselves, some want to become instructor, and some are already devoted to training others.

There are both specific and general aims of Sports, each with their obvious benefits.

In general, Sports aim to promote both physical and mental strength. The sport is a challenging one that requires concentration and balance, and as such anyone who practices the sport will find themselves quickly becoming stronger. Sports also improves the stamina of those which practice it, as both freestyle training and competitions can involve long periods of physical and mental concentration. Other benefits which are noticeable amongst students are an improvement in flexibility and balance, as well as faster reflexes and better posture.

Of course the more specific aims of Sports are the submission of one’s opponent in competition.

There are also the mental and moral benefits of Sports, which are produced through the strict teachings of quality Sports coaches.

We strongly believed in having a code of ethics which taught students to be respectful both in success and failure, and to always display exemplary behavior. Poor conduct both in and outside of the Sports arena could often end in the expulsion of the student. More generally, Sports is supposed to increase self esteem and confidence, and promote a sense of inner calm.

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6 responses to “Introduction of ONA Sports Club…”

  1. tariq.hafeez Avatar

    I really love this great efforts of formation of O.N.A Sports Club, I wish best of luck to all the the members, the motto is actually great that judo for peace.

  2. Great website…

    Cool post, I really enjoyed reading it. I will check out your site for some more content on this subject….

  3. Muhammad Ayub Khan Avatar

    wow, great, Martial art is really a sign of peace, it is really a good initiative to promote games in such a horrible and strssed environment, i must say, great work is doig by very great and professional people. keep it up guys.

  4. Kanwal Abrar Avatar

    Its indeed a very positive effort and i believe that DREAMS give rise to HOPE,Hope inspires EFFORTS , Efforts result in SUCCESS. So may ALLAH give success to this club.

  5. Wajahat Avatar

    A good step towards the promotion of Sports.please specify what does ONA stands for?

  6. Muneer Abdul Razzaq Avatar


    Be a Pakistani it’s our responsibility to do better and better for our next generation and make a peace full environment in our country.

    Sports is a biggest platform to show the whole world that we are a great nation who do every thing for peace

    I am happy that i am a part of this team (ONA Sports Club)

    Muneer Abdul Razzaq
    (Tax Consultant)

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