Presidential candidate Dave Miley

International Tennis Federation Presidential candidate Dave Miley launches Campaign Commitment online film series

By Amelia Fisher-Starzynski, September 12, 2019: Dave Miley, who is standing to become the next President of the International Tennis Federation [ITF], has today launched the first of a series of short online campaign Commitment online film series.

The first film entitles ‘Leading a movement of like-minded people to positively change Tennis’ – and can be viewed online here and on Twitter at @DaveMileyTennis.

Over the coming days ahead of the ITF Presidential election on 27 September, further campaign commitment films will be published on social media and will also be available soon at the campaign website

The films will feature Dave Miley talking about the challenges facing the ITF and tennis, and his proactive vision and plans to grow the game globally and make the ITF more effective (Commitment online film series).

ITF Presidential candidate Dave Miley, said:

“The National Associations of the ITF have a huge decision to make on 27 September when they vote to decide the next ITF President.

A huge amount is at stake and it’s important that the voters, and everyone who has a passion for tennis, knows what my vision and plans are for the ITF and growing tennis.

“I’ve met directly with many voters in recent months, having travelled to more than 70 countries to explain my vision to make the ITF strong and effective again and to listen to what the ITF Presidents expect from the ITF going forward.

In addition to this direct contact with the member nation Presidents, social media is an obvious additional route for me to communicate my plans for the ITF and that is why, ahead of 27 September, I am unveiling my vision and ideas online in a ‘bite size’ user friendly form that will engage broad audiences interested in the future of tennis.

Topics covered will be wide and varied and include how we can lead a movement to positively change tennis and get more adults and young people playing the game, driving greater commercial growth in tennis, empowering the National Federations to better develop our sport, my position on the Davis Cup and Fed Cup going forward and getting the constituents of global tennis to work better for the good of the game.

“There is a real momentum behind my campaign and I am extremely grateful and humbled with all the support and positive feedback I have received from the many National Associations I have met.

I enter the last two weeks of the campaign with real confidence, but of course taking nothing for granted, and will continue travelling and working tirelessly until the very last moment of this crucial Presidential race.”

About Dave Miley

Former ITF Director of Development, Dave Miley born in South America and lived in the Caribbean until aged eight.

He currently resides in Wimbledon, London, and holds Irish citizenship. During his time at the ITF, Dave travelled to more than 150 nations. Dave Miley is a truly global candidate.

He worked for 25 years at the ITF and led the ITF’s biggest department for 17, overseeing a US$ 10 million departmental budget.

Was instrumental in the creation of the ITF’s successful Tennis Play and Stay Campaign in 2007, the Rule change for 10 and under tennis in 2010, the introduction of a combined ranking for the ITF Junior circuit and developed and launched the 1st global tennis ratings system in 2003.

He has extensive experience chairing tennis task forces including the ITF Intro to Tennis and the ITF Coach Education Task Force.

Was also responsible, on behalf of the ITF President, for ITF relations with regional associations and sat as a member on the Tennis Industry Association Board and the ITF Medical Commission.

An accomplished tennis writer, Dave has published extensively on the state of international tennis and is the author of seven coaching books.

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