World floorball presents its new identity

Helsinki, May 6, 2017: IFF new identity, The International Floorball Federation (IFF) has presented the new look of the world floorball. The new identity will be applied to the IFF itself but also, for the first time in the history, it will give a structure and visual system to international floorball events governed by the IFF.

In today’s world, the best brands  must simply and clearly convey the brand strategy on a visual level, both online and offline. Therefore, the IFF has decided to revamp its look and create modern and distinct identity.

The current one has been introduced in 2006. 11 years later, floorball, just like any other sport, finds itself in a totally new media and communication environment.  But not only that – floorball , too, has evolved into a truly global sport that is now played on all continents (with the mere exception of Antarctica).

John Liljelund, Secretary General of the IFF confirms:
– There has been a burning need to modernise the IFF logo and update the IFF Event Corporate Identity, to match the requirements of the world of today. We are very proud of our dynamic new logo and believe it will increase the awareness of the sport.

I would like to thank Czech Floorball for the cooperation in the process of finding for producing the new logo, which is very versatile and user-friendly and represents our growing sports uniqueness.

The creatives from Dynamo design explain the evolution of the logo:
– We have designed the IFF logo as a radical facelift to the previous one. We knew we had to strip it down to the basics while underscoring the obvious dynamics of the game of floorball.

We achieved this with the lean and slightly skewed typography placed off the center of the ball (the Earth). The dominant color is the signature turqouise that is used for floorball surfaces. Combined with dark blue it commands a nice contrast and fresh sporting look.

For the first time in its history, not only does the IFF define its corporate identity but also the IFF events identity (e.g. world championships). The local organizing committees are still allowed to create their own distinct logos within the IFF event visual system.

The LOCs are, for example, free to use their own typography and colors.

– We are extremely happy that we could cooperate with the IFF on this project. Our goal was to use our expertise from the previous branding projects in Czech floorball and give international floorball a well-deserved modern face, adds Filip Šuman, President of Czech floorball and Vice-President of the IFF.

The roll-out of the new look will be a gradual process. The World Floorball Championships 2018, that is to be held in December next year in Prague, will be the first big floorball event to fully use the revamped identity.

The development of the IFF Brand doesn´t stop with the logo. New IFF webpage will be introduced in spring 2018. —- IFF

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