Rugby World Cup 2015 Hosting Preparations Gather Pace

Hosting Preparations, Planning and preparation for England’s hosting of Rugby World Cup 2015 continues to gather pace with the holding of key operational meetings in London this week that will pave the way for the delivery of an outstanding Tournament.

Hosted by event owners Rugby World Cup Limited and RWC 2015 organising body England Rugby 2015 at Webb Ellis House, the forum provided the opportunity to build on the success of the Rugby World 2011 Observer Programme and deliver a critical next step in the transfer of knowledge and best-practice from previous to current and future hosts.

Representatives from England Rugby 2015 were joined at their headquarters in Twickenham by Rugby World Cup 2019 organising body JR 2019 to receive presentations from RWCL and Rugby World Cup 2011 Organisers RNZ 2011 and participate in workshops covering the key operational areas of Team Services, Venue Operations, Ticketing and Marketing, Media and Communications, Commercial Operations and Digital Strategies.

The forum comes just four months after an outstanding Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand captured the hearts and minds of the global Rugby family. The showcase event proved to be a resounding sporting and operational success, setting the standard for future hosts to follow.

Played over 44 days in 12 venues and attracting more than 133,000 foreign visitors, Rugby World Cup 2011 was the largest event ever staged in New Zealand, delivering an estimated NZ$1 billion to the New Zealand economy amongst a raft of hosting benefits, while the Tournament achieved all ticketing and revenue targets. It is also estimated to generate a higher than anticipated surplus of at least £85 million, which will be used by the IRB for investment in the development of the world Game.

RWCL Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “Rugby World Cup 2011 was an exceptional event that advanced the profile and prestige of the Rugby World Cup brand. It delivered lasting benefits for the host nation while delivering a strong financial platform for the IRB to invest in the development and growth of Rugby worldwide.”

“Each Tournament adds something new to the Rugby World Cup story and there is no doubt that New Zealand 2011 is the benchmark for future hosts to aspire to in terms of operational delivery, national engagement and pride and a unique festival atmosphere.”

“These key meetings, facilitated by RWCL, between the previous host, current hosts and future hosts are a critical step in event delivery and will ensure that the key recommendations and operational best-practice are passed on to future hosts in order that the country, the event, the teams and critically the fans can benefit.”

“We are delighted that ER 2015 and JR 2019 were at the heart of experiencing the successful delivery of Rugby World Cup 2011 and they will benefit enormously from a hands-on approach to observing the delivery of Rugby’s showcase event.”

For current hosts England and future hosts Japan, the meetings proved to be an invaluable step in preparing to host what promises to be the biggest Rugby World Cup in 2015 and what will be an historic event when Rugby World Cup goes to Asia for the first time in 2019.

ER 2015 Chief Executive Paul Vaughan said: “The success of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand was based upon what they learnt from the success of France in 2007 and this valuable knowledge gives England Rugby 2015 a significant building block from which to start. It is now our responsibility to add further to these experiences to deliver the best possible Rugby World Cup in 2015 before we pass the baton and the learnings on to Japan.”

Planning and preparation to host Rugby World Cup 2015 is on track with major announcements around the Tournament start dates, the venues, high level ticketing strategy and the Pool Allocation Draw all taking place during this year. Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification will also begin in 2012 with RWCL set to announce the process and schedule shortly.

For Rugby World Cup 2019 hosts Japan, the forum provided an invaluable learning experience which will carry forward throughout the next four-year cycle to ensure that JR 2019 witness, experience and learn from the delivery of two Rugby World Cups as they prepare to host the first event in Asia.

Koji Tokumasu, General Manager, JR 2019, said: “This was an exciting and most informative meeting. As a Host Union of RWC 2019, we have learned so much from RWCL and the RNZ 2011 management team who delivered an outstanding Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand.”

“At the same time we have established a strong friendship with the ER 2015 management whom we will work together in coming years alongside RWCL to ensure that the knowledge and experience lay the foundations to the delivery of a Tournament in 2019 that will benefit Japan, Asia and global Rugby.”

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