19th Inter School Scrabble Championships, Happy Home School and BVS Parsi School once again dominated the games

Karachi, Feb 4, 2018: The Horlicks 19th Inter School Scrabble Championship came to a conclusion at the BVS Parsi School, Karachi on Sunday with a staggering 1780 players taking part making it the largest scrabble tournament in the world (Happy Home School BVS Parsi School).

It also turned out to be the largest tournament of any individual sport in the history of Pakistan.

A feature of this year’s championship was that players from all four provinces in Pakistan participated; something not seen at school level tournaments

Another remarkable feature of the championship was that the organizing team comprised of young scrabble players who were the same age level as the participants and have represented Pakistan at international level

Once again Happy Home School and BVS Parsi School once again dominated the games winning a number of trophies

The results:

Division F
1 S. Hammad Hamid, Happy Home School
2 Umna Saad, Jaffer Public School
3 Aish Salahuddin, BVS Parsi School

Division G
1 Abdullah Ayub, Army Public School, Badin
2 Ahmed Atta, Amma Foundation School
3 Muhammad Azain, Arts & Science Academy

Division H
1 Ali Wasif, BVS Parsi School
2 Mustafa Aslam, BVS Parsi School
3 M. Shabaz Murtaza, Karachi Grammar School

Division I
1 Suleman Mohiuddin, Happy Home School
2 Hamza Babar, Happy Home School
3 Muhammad Asad Anwar, The City School

Division J
1 Ali Raza Pabany, IBA
2 Arif Hussain, BUITEMS, Quetta
3 S. Shahmir Shahzar, Beaconhouse School System

Abdullah Ayub from Badin and Arif Hussain from Quetta received a standing ovation from the large crowd of Karachiites.

The chief guest Usaid Mandvia distributed prizes among the winners.

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