13 applicants for Senior World Championships

Basle, July 02, 2013: The bidding process for the 2019 Men’s and Women’s World Championships has started and 13 letters of intent had been submitted to the International Handball Federation for those flagship events of international handball – including three federations which bid for both events.

Those are the applicants in alphabetical order:

Men’s World Championship 2019:

Denmark, Germany, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden

Women’s World Championship 2019:

Japan, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Slovakia, Tunisia, Ukraine

The way of awarding the 2019 World Championship organizers:

All applicants must submit a general concept for the event including all major aspects such as playing conditions, promotion, logistics, security and sustainability to the IHF until 2 September 2013 according to the IHF Bid and Event Manual. At the beginning of October (the date is to be confirmed in due time) all federations will have the opportunity to present their applications at the IHF Head Office in Basle, Switzerland.

The IHF Head Office will then evaluate all presentations in close cooperation with the IHF Commission of Organizing and Competition and then confirm those applicants which will present their applications to the IHF Council, which will award the 2019 World Championship organizers in its first meeting right after the Ordinary IHF Congress in Doha on 28 October 2013.

The upcoming Senior World Championships:

2013: Women in Serbia (awarded in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 2010)

2015: Men in Qatar, Women in Denmark (awarded in Malmö, Sweden in 2011)

2017: Men in France, Women in Germany (awarded in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2011).

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